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10 Gorgeous Pastel Nail Designs To Bookmark For Your Next Manicure Sesh!

10 Gorgeous Pastel Nail Designs To Bookmark For Your Next Manicure Sesh!

How long before your nail appointment do you find the right manicure inspiration for yourself? If your answer is ‘weeks in advance’, let us congratulate you for getting your life in order. But for those who answered with ‘2 hours before’, let us welcome you to the lazy girls’ club. Here, we discuss lazy girl hacks that help us get through life without the consequences of being a lazy girl! And today’s topic is pastel nail designs. 

If a dreamy manicure is also one of the many things that have been procrastinated on your agenda until the last moment, this list of our favourite pastel nails will save you time and effort. So stop your frantic scroll across Pinterest and Insta, and get scrolling into this article! We have carefully curated a list of pastel nail ideas that are perfect for long and short nails. Whether you’re in the mood for cutesy pastel gel nails or fierce pastel acrylic nails, we’ve got you covered. 

Pastel Nail Art Designs

Pastels are synonymous with spring, summer, and everything happy. So if you’re looking for a manicure that can lift your spirits in the middle of this gloomy winter, pastel nails are the way to go! Here are some of our favourite nail art designs for short nails: 

Spring Swirls

Pastel swirls have been trending since the start of this year, and don’t seem to be fading away even as 2022 approaches. This swirl pastel nail art design is the perfect one for those who like minimal, yet statement nails. 


One Of Everything, Please

One for our indecisive queens! If you’re looking for easy, yet trendy pastel gel nail ideas, this multicolour manicure is the perfect find for you. 

Winter Winning Blue

Winter is here, and so are winter nails! But wait, who told you that you need to stick to darker hues for colder temperatures? Switch it up this winter with these cute pastel nails. Only using two shades of blue and a simplistic heart design, this is a top tier pastel nail art. 

For A Minimalist Queen

And this one goes out to our minimalistic divas, who like to stay on the top of their manicure game, but also like to feed into their minimalistic aesthetics. This pastel nail art is simple, cute and classy. 

Ombre With A Twist

Ombre nails can never go wrong, can they? This set of ombre pastel nail design includes a twist of polka dots too! How fun is that? This bright and lively blue and pink ombre nail design with a swirl of dalmatian like black polka dots on white spells all things trendy.


Pastel Acrylic Nail Art

While short nails are fun and low maintenance, acrylics are bougie and uber glamm. Take a look at these pastel acrylic nails for your next manicure inspiration. 

The Girl Next Door

Isn’t this the most ‘that girl’ manicure you’ve laid your eyes on? It’s girly, it’s cute, and all things trendy. This pastel nail art is perfect for you if you’re someone who just got out of their VSCO girl phase! 

Nail Art Designs

Glitter Glamm

Who said that pastel nails can only be cute? You can turn it around to glamm just as easily. These pastel purple glitter nails are the perfect pastel gel nails for someone with an avid attraction to all things glitz and glamm.  


More Than A ‘MOO Point’

Who would’ve thought that cow print will ever be in style? Well, 2020 tells a different tale! Combine that with the evergreen trending pastels and voila! You get these cute pastel nails.

Fruity Yet Fierce

There’s no denying that a pointed almond shape can make any nail art fierce, even if it is a fruity pastel nail design. Combine that with a gold accent and you’ve got the perfect manicure for someone who is a baddie, but a softie from the inside. 

A Pastel Dream

A pastel dream – no 3 words other than these can describe this set of pastel acrylic nails better. Almost giving off a gradient-ombre vibe, these nails get a 10/10 from us. 

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Which set of pastel nails is making to your manicure mood board for the New Year?

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09 Dec 2021

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