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Short Nails? 7 Minimalist Manicure Designs To Give Your Hands The Cutest Makeover

Short Nails? 7 Minimalist Manicure Designs To Give Your Hands The Cutest Makeover

Two things you need to prioritize at the moment – wash your hands and cut those nails short. During this stressful time, it’s important to take practical measures to ensure that you stay safe and healthy. We may not know much about the coronavirus yet, but what we do know is that it spreads fast and your hands are often the culprit. The most common way for it to infect you is when droplets settle on your hand and you use them to touch your face, eat your food or rub your eyes. Washing your hands often and cutting your nails short lowers the chances of the bacteria sticking on your hands or collecting under your nails. While you’re at it, why not add a pop of colour to your nails too?

PS: In case you’re out of soap, you can also use a body wash to clean your nails and hands.

These Minimalist Manicures For Short Nails Will Ensure Pretty Hands!

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1. Love You Matcha

Matcha ice-cream, matcha pancakes, matcha tea and maybe matcha nails? Hell yeah! You need 2 colours to do this manicure. A dark and a light shade of green. In this case, from the thumb to the middle finger, paint them light green and the ring and pinky finger, paint them dark green. Then, use the lighter green nail paint to draw wavy strokes on the darker green nail and dark green nail paint to draw wavy strokes on the lighter green nail. You have to stick to just green, pick any two shades of colour and get paintin’

2. Art Is Life

If you have patience and steady hands, you should give this nail art a shot! For your canvas, stick to first painting your nails nude and once the chip-resistant nail paint is dry then dip a bobby pin into black nail polish to make the dots and if you have a paintbrush at home, you can draw the tiny eye there too!

3. Sunshine At Your Fingertips!

Your WFH outfit may not be perfect, but your nails can be! You need to do a nude base here too and after it has dried, paint the tips of the nails a bright yellow hue!

4. When Geometry Is Fun!

Always been a fan of geometry? Then you’d also heart this nail art design! It’s got triangles, circles, lines and what not! Remember, your tools are – black polish, nude polish, bobby pins and a brush!

5. Orange Madness

If you have teeny tiny nails, bright colours will make them stand out! Orange as the base colour and two lines, one in shimmery silver and white to give the nails a three-dimensional effect.

6. Party For One

Doesn’t this nail art design take you back to your arts and craft days? If you have sequins or glitter polish at home, you can now use both of them to create this pretty design. 

7. Less Is More

This is like a reverse French manicure, but instead of white polish, you get to stick to black spots painted in a circular trail. 

The whole idea of minimalist nail designs is to keep your nails looking aesthetic and simple. Feel free to play with stickers, bindis, stones and other colours other than black to create your own designs. Happy nail painting!

Featured Image: Instagram

26 Mar 2020

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