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10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Butt!

10 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Your Butt!

Big, small, round or not-so-round – there are plenty of things you should know about your derriere, other than its size. Whether you have some junk in your trunk or not enough, we give you some butt facts we’re sure you didn’t know. Read on to learn some fascinating things about your backside. Who knew your bum had so much in common with Kim Kardashian!

1. Why Women Have Bigger Asses…

point 1 butt facts

The estrogen in women’s bodies directs fat towards the butt, while men are likely to have fat accumulate around their stomach. This is why men generally have the same sized butt all their life while their belly grows larger with age. We’re kind of glad, can you really imagine your boyfriend with a round booty?!

2. Butt Acne Is Super Common

And wearing thongs often increase your chances of butt acne (buttne!) as you’re causing friction against your bare bottom. Try and wear breathable, cotton underwear as often as possible and don’t forget to include your backside while exfoliating in the shower.


3. A Bigger Butt Lowers Your Chances Of Falling Sick

point 3 butt facts

According to research by the University Of Oxford, carrying some junk in your trunk can actually save you from some serious health issues. Bigger butts can lower the risks of diabetes and heart disease, yes, even though they can be linked to obesity. Fat that settles in the lower part of your body lowers metabolic and cardiovascular risks than abdominal fat. Believe it or not but pear shaped bodies are thought to be the healthiest.

4. You Might Live Longer!

People with belly fat are more prone to life-threatening diseases. Having fat on your butt instead of your belly can actually help you live longer. That’s reason enough to embrace your curvy booty instead of resent it.

5. Your Ass Is One Of The Most Powerful Areas Of Your Body

point 5 butt facts


Your glutes are your body’s most largest and powerful muscle groups. They’re also responsible for your major movements like standing up, sitting down, crouching, walking and climbing. Who knew all that was controlled by your butt?!

6. You Can Get Skin Cancer On Your Butt

Even if it’s always covered and protected from the sun! Skin cancer can appear on the weirdest places, from in between your fingers to your underarms and even your genitals and butt!

7.  The Bigger The Butt The Smarter You Are?

point 7 butt facts

Having a big butt is actually linked to being more intelligent because of having a high level of Omega-3 fat, which helps brain functioning. And can also mean you’ll bear intelligent children. All you well-endowed ladies, put your hands up!

8. Women LOVE Hearing Praise About Their Derriere

According to a survey by the Men’s Health and Women’s Health Big Book Of Sex, women actually love hearing compliments about their butt the most. No we’re not talking “OMG! Look at that ass”, like Nicki Minaj would have you believe, but more like “Wow, what a perfectly round bottom you have”.


9. There is Such A Thing As A ‘Belfie’

point 9 butt facts

A butt selfie. Duh! Thank you for that, Kim K.

10. There’s A Term For A Well-Shaped Butt – “Callypygian”

“Daspygal” is to have a hairy butt and “Pygophilia” is the scientific term for being sexually aroused by butts. Yes, there’s a fancy term for being attracted to someone’s ass.

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05 May 2016

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