From Toxic Creeps To Annoying Couples: 11 Types Of People On Social Media We All Know

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Apr 14, 2021
From Toxic Creeps To Annoying Couples: 11 Types Of People On Social Media We All Know


NGL, I don’t feel relaxed until I’ve watched all the Instagram stories on my feed. In fact, I refresh my social media handles every few minutes because I get major FOMO if I miss out on anyone’s pics. However, once I’ve frantically scrolled through my feed, I realise that all the posts are pretty much the same and fall under a few common categories.

All thanks to my obsession with the ‘Gram, I have come across every type of social media user and follower imaginable. And trust us, you’ve definitely encountered most of them on your social media feed too!

11 Types Of People On Social Media

From serial spammers to quintessential travellers, here are the types of people you may be following. Honestly, we know what kind of stories they are going to share even before we have checked them out. Relatable much? Scroll ahead for more!

The Aesthetic Lover

These are the people who find aesthetic pleasure in anything and everything. Their handles are flooded with pics of bougainvillaeas, sunsets, and every other beautiful thing imaginable. Moreover, they are quite particular about Instagram grids, colour palettes, and filters. TBH, they are the aesthetic gurus we secretly take inspo from.

The Just Broke Up Squad

Having a good day? Well, one look at their sad stories and you will immediately get reminded of your last heartbreak and everything else that possibly went wrong in your life. They have the saddest quotes and the longest captions to share. While you sometimes feel bad for them, most of the times you just pray that they feel better soon.

Just Married!

The wedding spree that started during the onset of the global pandemic is not over yet. But apart from witnessing uncountable weddings on social media, we are now also greeting users who are quite ecstatic about their newlywed lifestyle. Umm… we get it that you are enjoying your honeymoon period, but frankly, we really don’t need to see every li’l detail!


Now that we have mentioned newlyweds, we have to mention users who love to flaunt their romance on social media. NGL, these couples are super cute and we love watching their sweet candid moments as well. It can get OTT when they refer to everything (even holding hands) as #CoupleGoals but well, you know what they say, right? Everything is romantic when you’ve found the right one!

The Ones With Wanderlust

You love scrolling through their feed because they take you on virtual trips frequently! These are the avid travellers who have ‘Wanderlust’ written on their Instagram bios. While they may have maintained a low-key profile during the pandemic, we cannot wait to find out where they head next once the world is in a better place.

The Toxic Kind

These are the users you keep blocking or getting into fights with. They share problematic jokes, insensitive content and misuse their freedom of expression. They may also be the ones who viciously troll others and you really don’t mind reporting their handles when need be.

The Social Advocate

If you ever want to know what’s happening around the world, you simply need to check their handles. They are the ‘woke’ people of social media who are passionate and have an opinion about everything that’s going on in our society. And honestly, you look up to them for creating awareness among their followers in the most pragmatic way.

The Meme Lords

While there are the ones who take everything seriously, there are users who love creating and sharing memes. They are the people who are on social media just to have fun and you follow them to find some amazing memes every day. Seriously, God bless these users!

The OG Influencers

Chances are that you have saved their pictures in your archive or taken their screenshots. Why? Because you either love what they are wearing or how they have done their makeup. Yep, we are talking about fashion and beauty bloggers who give us major style inspo and hacks. Also, special shoutout to all the fitness freaks who give us all the motivation we need to start our workout sesh.

The Faceless Wonder

These are the social media users who love to stay anonymous. If you know then you know that most of the times, these people create random faceless accounts just to stalk their crushes.

The Quintessential Creeps

Last but not least, we all must have come across users who sneakily slide into our DMs and try to persuade us to either date them or “send them pics”. Well hey there creeps! We are not interested and you’re so getting blocked. 

How many of these users have you come across?

Feature Image: Instagram