20 Types Of Friends *Every* 20-Something Girl Has!

20 Types Of Friends *Every* 20-Something Girl Has!

Had it not been for our friends, our lives would have been so utterly boring! Seriously! Without our friends who would we do night-outs with, share midnight Maggi with and text absolute nonsense to during boring lectures? While all of them are absolute treasures, they can be very different from each other and masterpieces in their own right. Here are 20 types of friends every 20 something has. Friendship with all these people makes your life super fun!

1. The one who never says no to food!

The Joey of the group! Not only does this friend absolutely adore food, he/ she won’t share it with anyone!

2. The one who everyone runs to when they are in deep sh*t

Because somehow, this friend always knows all the right things to say and the right things to do!

3. The one who has ALL the gossip

There is no gossip in this galaxy that this friend does not have. You sometimes doubt if he/ she is actually an undercover agent.

4. The one who’s life is too happening!

Something or the other is always happening in his/ her life. As a result, this friend always has a lot of ‘you know what happened?’ stories when you guys are together!

5. The one who lives and breathes social media

There is not one thing that happens in the day that this friend will not tweet or Instagram or put up on Facebook!

5 types of friends

6. The one who is super emotional

This is the friend who always gets teased about crying during movies (but this friend is also very cute)!

7. The one who is sassy AF!

This friend speaks sass! And he/ she always has an instant reply to everything and everyone.

8. The one who is the king/ queen of PJs

This friend’s jokes are never getting better and this is a fact everyone in the group has accepted and made peace with.

9. The one who is a chatterbox

Just. Won’t. Stop. Talking.

10. The one who hates getting clicked

The minute this friend sees the camera, he/ she ducks behind a sofa or another friend!

10 types of friends

11. The one who loves getting clicked

This friend loves to be in each and every photo that is clicked! He/ she may also be a serial photobomber!

12. The one who is always flawlessly dressed!

Hair on point, attire on point… Slayin it all the time!

13. The one in a super committed relationship

This friend is like #RelationshipGoals!

14. The one who LOVES to partaaayyy!

This one is never ever home on a weekend and is always the one calling you up to join him/ her for a swagger party in town!

15. The one who your mom loves!

Your mom ADORES this friend. This can be a tad bit annoying because you keep getting ‘Look at <insert friend’s name>. Why can’t you be like her?’ lectures from your mom because of this friend.

15 types of friends

16. The one with all the jugaad!

Whether it’s getting entry into a club or booking a car for a road trip, this friend has a jugaad for every damn thing!

17. The one who is the plain Jane of the group!

This is the friend who is sweet, sophisticated, innocent, not too loud and out there but extremely caring.

18. The one who is a proud nerd!

This friend is all about books and gadgets and all the techy and nerdy things! Also, he/ she always has some trivia to share!

19. The one who your mom hates!

That one friend who is so much fun but a little too crazy for you mom - and she never wants to you hang out with him/ her.

20. The one who has a car!

All your party plans, night-out plans are hinged on the availability of this one friend because he/ she has a car!

20 types of friends

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