Winter Skincare: These Tips Can Help Keep Your Skin Baby-Soft

Shaila ParveenShaila Parveen  |  Dec 21, 2016
Winter Skincare: These Tips Can Help Keep Your Skin Baby-Soft


It’s that time of the year when we need to look absolutely flawless because it is after all the ‘official’ party season (yay!!). But, the one thing that stops us from looking like a million bucks is how dull and lifeless our skin looks in winter. No matter how much we love the cold, we kinda hate it for making our skin feel all dry and itchy. If you (like us) have been wondering how to get rid of all your winter-skin-woes then look no further. Here are ten easy winter skincare ways to make your skin look radiant this winter.      

1. Shower with warm water

We get it, it’s cold and hot water showers are super comforting. But we have some bad news for all the hot-water-shower-lovers out there. Those long showers lead to super dry skin as it strips your skin of essential oils – making it dry and dull. So ladies, if you love your skin, do it a huge favour by putting an end to long, hot water baths. Either, shorten your bathtime or use warm water to shower instead for your winter skincare. Trust us, you’ll be thanking us later. 

2. Moisturise regularly

One of the best skin care tips for winter is this: MOISTURIZE! It doesn’t matter what your skin type is – you need to moisturise (aggressively) in the winters. The cold robs your skin of the ability to protect itself, this leads to cracks and the loss of moisture. So, this winter, invest in a good moisturiser to get gorgeous skin. Try Himalaya’s Cocoa Butter Intensive Lotion which helps soften and smoothen the skin. Apply it immediately after a shower, because that’s when your pores are open and your skin can absorb things better. 

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3. H2O to the rescue

Some of us think that reducing our water intake during the winter months is perfectly natural. But that’s a huge mistake. During the winters it is important to look after your skin internally as well as externally, which is why drinking water is a must. Water helps keep your skin hydrated and it also helps your body get rid of toxins – so never cut down on the amount of water you drink – go grab a glass now. 

4. For perfect winter lips

Adding to the long list of winter woes are chapped lips, they are every girl’s arch-enemy. Imagine going to a New Year’s party with chapped lips *EEKS!* For soft smooth lips start by gently exfoliating them. You could use a simple lip scrub or run a toothbrush over your lips to get rid of the dead skin. Then apply a moisturising lip balm like the Himalaya Strawberry Shine Lip Balm. Keep reapplying it throughout the day and remember to never to lick your lips – it dries them out even more! 

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5. Put off the heater

Heaters are practically synonymous with winter. Who doesn’t want to be warm and toasty and stay glued to a heater? But unfortunately sitting by a heater all day long dehydrates your skin. The heater reduces the moisture in the air making it dry – this in turn further dries out your skin. So, use the heater sparingly or invest in a humidifier or just keep a bowl of water near the heat source.

6. Your hands need extra care

Washing your hands in winter is the WORST! Cold, cold water on a cold, cold day is a terrible combination! Not to mention how dry your hands get afterwards! Which is why you need to remember to keep applying and reapplying a good hand cream. It helps to keep a few lying around so that you remember to apply it! The skin on your hands is thinner than the rest of your body which is why your hands need a little extra TLC. So a good hand cream for winter is a must. 

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7. Cut down on the caffeine

No winter morning is complete without a piping hot cup of tea or coffee. It gives you the kick you need to start the day. But the trouble begins when your intake multiplies as the temperatures dip. Excessive cups of coffee or tea should be avoided as caffeine dehydrates (plus it acts as a diuretic). Instead, opt for fresh fruit juices that will give your skin the glow that you have always dreamt of! And if it’s the warmth you seek, then have healthy soups instead – your body and your skin will thank you for your healthier choices. 

8. New season, new products

Makes sense, doesn’t it? When the season changes, you change your wardrobe, so it makes sense to also change your skincare products too. One common skincare mistake that we all make is to use the same skincare products all year round. During the summer we tend to use products that help our skin deal with oil and sweat. Using the same product in the winter will rob our skin of all its moisture!  So, switch to a gentle cleanser during the winters and follow it up with a moisturiser. 

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9. For happy feet

Just because they aren’t on display in pretty sandals doesn’t mean you stop looking after your feet! Winter is the time when you need to show your feet some love too. After all happy feet means a happy you! Your feet need to be moisturised regularly – you could develop a special night time routine for them. Right before you hit the sack, clean them, give them a quick massage with an intense moisturising foot cream and slip into some pretty socks. 

10. Pamper your skin

Since going to the parlour for a facial seems like a daunting task during the winters, you could pamper your skin at home with a mask prepared in your own kitchen. Bonus – It is totally chemical free! A DIY mask with papaya, banana and honey as ingredients could work wonders for your skin. Honey has moisturising properties and can prove to be super effective during the winters. 

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