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How To Smoothly Transition Your Skincare Routine From Summer To Winter

How To Smoothly Transition Your Skincare Routine From Summer To Winter

Most of us have our skincare routines set in stone. We know what works for us, however little or elaborate it may be. But then suddenly, just like that one unwanted guest who refuses to leave, your skin throws a tantrum. 

Suddenly you're at a point where you need to rethink your entire routine again. You would have noticed that this usually happens during season change. Well, since we're fast approaching winter, we're here to make sure this transition is as smooth as possible for you. 

Important points to bear in mind

transition from summer to winter skincare by pickcing the right makeup

1. If your skin has been acting up, don't change your skincare routine just yet.  Research on your skin type and slowly build a solid winter routine. Take time and observe your skin.

Have trouble understanding your skin type? Here's how you can figure it out.

2. The change needs to be a slow transition. You can't wake up one morning and switch all your products. You need to do it step-by-step, without alarming your skin. 

3. Scalding hot showers need to be avoided. Comfortable as they are, hot water is actually stripping the moisture off your body. Warm water is your best friend here on.

So, what needs to change? 

things to keep in mind when moving from summer to winter skincare routine

1. Cleanser

This is the time to step away from the light foam cleansers that deal with humidity and gravitate towards the creamy rich cleansers. The code for winter skin care is, MOISTURISATION! When it comes to ingredients, you're moving away from cooling agents like aloe and mint and moving towards cleansers that contain milk. The best way to transition through this is 'skincare cocktailing'. Just mix a spritz of your summer foam cleanser with a cream-based cleanser to ease your skin into the change.

2. Layering

The basic idea is to layer products, starting from the lightest into the one that's the densest. This is the time when you need to start listening to what your skin needs. To start with, add a richer serum or moisturiser to the routine and then see how much more is required. For example, if I am travelling to a place with sub-zero temperature, my skin needs extra moisturisation, especially during the night. So I top a facial oil with some moisturiser and follow with a night mask.

Got more questions about layering? Here's a handy guide you need to read.

3. Moisturising

The misconception about transitioning from summer to winter skincare is that you need to switch your moisturiser. We tend to change the quick absorption, non-oily formula with a cold cream. The problem is that the cold cream is much richer than your summer moisturiser and your skin doesn't take kindly to this sudden change. Hence you hear a lot of people who talk about breaking out when they apply cold cream. To transition, mix a few drops of facial oil into your light moisturiser and then use the facial oil. Finish with the cold cream. 

Products you need to add to your beauty cabinet

products to stock up on during the winter seaons skincare beauty 

1. Facial Mist

This is one product that I would recommend, regardless of the season. It refreshes your skin, tones, cleanses and even acts as a basic makeup remover in a sticky situation. Get one that smells good and you're good to go! This L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Grape Seed Hydrating SPA Water is one that I am currently loving. 

2. A Multipurpose Balm

This is something that has now been added to my bag. It can soothe, moisturise when you're feeling particularly dry, act as a hand or foot cream. The Body Shop Moringa Body Yogurt, is going to be my best friend for the next 3 months. This is the perfect combination of gel and cream, which makes it an ideal product to use when you're changing your skincare routine. This can be used on the body post-shower as well. 

3. Scrub/Exfoliator

If you don't already have this step as a part of your skincare routine then it is time you add it. A good scrub is ideal when dry skin weather approaches. A gentle exfoliator with microbeads like the Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub could be your saviour. 

4. Facial Oil

As I have written above, a facial oil is a must as a transition tool from summer to winter skincare. But it is also a great product to have around by itself. This VeraNaturals Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil is definitely one that has made it to my skincare arsenal.

Here are some more products that we would recommend for glowing skin in the winter.

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Published on Oct 16, 2018
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