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5 Bollywood Celebs Give Us A Peek Into Their Skincare Routines

5 Bollywood Celebs Give Us A Peek Into Their Skincare Routines

After Alia Bhatt shared her daily skincare routine, more celebrities followed suit. What I’ve learned is that celebrity skincare routines aren’t much different from my own. But they do have some amazing skincare tips that they swear by and centre their routines around them.

From focusing on hydrating skincare products to using nifty pimple fixes, here are the skincare lessons I’m taking from Bollywood divas.

Mira Shares A Great Tip For People With Dry Skin

Mira’s Routine: She begins by cleansing her skin, uses a toning mist, and then opts for a ceramide cream to repair her skin barrier and combat excessive dryness. She also uses a dewy sunscreen formulated for her sensitive skin.

Mira’s Tip: Mira revealed that her skin was getting drier, so she went off skincare actives like vitamin C and retinol and stuck to a simple skincare routine.


I too am a fan of ceramide creams and the Foxtale Ceramide Supercream Smoothening Moisturizer is literally my favourite moisturiser.

Athiya’s Tip For Applying Sunscreen Is Gold

Athiya’s Routine: Athiya applies a toner on cleansed skin, followed by an anti ageing serum, and then a facial oil instead of a moisturiser to hydrate her dry skin. She ends her skincare routine with a heavy dose of sunscreen; three fingers worth of product to be precise.

Athiya’s Tip: She recommends using sunscreen on the lips as well in case you don’t have an SPF lip balm on hand.

I love using the POPxo H2O Booster Sunscreen Gel SPF 30 PA+++ and use it on my lips as well.


Kriti’s AM Skincare Routine Is Beginner Friendly

Kriti’s Routine: For her AM routine, Kriti starts off with a probiotic face mask. Then, she applies a toner, anti ageing serum, and a vitamin C serum, and then directly moves on to an SPF moisturiser which does the job of face cream and sunscreen at the same time.

Kriti’s Tip: While she’s masking, Kriti also recommends sipping on some hot water with a lemon slice to stay hydrated from the inside out.

The Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF 30 Moisturizer moisturises and protects my skin from the sun in one step.

Alia’s Loves Her Ceramide Cream & Pimple Patches

Alia’s Routine: Alia uses hydrating products in her skincare routine. She begins with a hydrating cleanser, ceramide-infused face mist, peptide serum, and ceramide moisturiser, and finishes her routine with a good dose of lightweight sunscreen.


Alia’s Tip: Alia has combination skin and she also gets a pimple every now and then that she is guilty of picking. She loves using a pimple patch to keep her hands off the blemish.

The Gush Beauty Dart It! Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches are what I always wear when I get a pimple.

Some Of Anshula Kapoor’s Skincare Picks Are So Affordable

Anshula’s Routine: The celeb begins her daily skincare routine with a gentle cleanser and follows it up with a brightening vitamin C serum, and an SPF-infused moisturiser. 

Anshula’s Tip: Even though she uses an SPF-infused moisturiser, she still layers on a lightweight sunscreen for strong sun protection. The star uses a lightweight sunscreen on her face and a sunscreen lotion on her body.


The exact SPF moisturiser which is Anshula’s favourite product is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and I am in love with it too.

I’m making notes of these tips and incorporating them into my routine as well!

Featured Images: Instagram

08 Mar 2023

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