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25+ Easy Tips For You And Your Hubby To Make Your Wedding Night Super Special!

25+ Easy Tips For You And Your Hubby To Make Your Wedding Night Super Special!

The wedding night is one of the most special nights of your life. Irrespective of whether you’ve had sex before or not, this is the first time you’ll be having sex as man and wife, and it’s a different feeling all together. Because it holds so much value to you, it is also possible that you may have a few lingering doubts in your head or maybe even a few insecurities, in case you haven’t been intimate with your partner in the past.


But there are a few things you need to know and a few myths that need to be busted before you start tearing each other’s clothes in excitement. These facts will clear up a few things and they’ll help you make the most of the experience. From tips for the wedding night to things you should know beforehand to what you should wear, we’ve covered it all. We hope this helps you have the best wedding night you could have ever hoped for!

Tips For Wedding Night  
Things To Know Before    
What To Wear   
How To Prepare   

Tips For Wedding Night

  • Flirt With Each Other During The Wedding:
    This is a good way to build up the anticipation and the excitement for later that night. Stop and stare into each other’s eyes, steal a few kisses or maybe just be a little naughty with each other. Never underestimate the power of fun when it comes to sex. Intimacy will be off the charts then.
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  • Focus On The Intimacy:
    Sex is about much more than just physical pleasure and satisfaction – it is about a connection between two human beings. And while good sex is great, a deeper, emotionally intimate relationship with your partner is even better! Even if you’re not going all the way on your wedding night, celebrate the fact that this is the start of something sweet, special and exciting that you and your partner are going to share with each other for the rest of your lives.
  • Be Present In The Moment:
    Stop worrying. Stop worrying about what he’s going to think about your body or whether or not the lingerie was the right choice and enjoy the moment. If your brain just wouldn’t shut up, take a few deep breaths and calm down. The more you’re present in the moment, the more you’ll feel and your pleasure will be heightened.
  • Confidence Is Key:
    You’re shy, and that’s okay. You don’t have to suddenly turn into a tigress in bed or change your personality altogether. But don’t worry or be ‘afraid’. Your husband will be there with you because he wants to be. Be confident in and about yourself – that’s the sexiest thing. Be comfortable and have fun!
  • Change Your Idea Of A Wedding Night:
    You may have planned a lot of things for the wedding night, but everything may change depending upon your situation. You may be too tired or not in the mood to get intimate or have sex with your partner because let’s be honest, weddings can be hectic. So, don’t go in with a set plan in mind. Maybe the next morning will be a better time to cosy up since you’ll be well rested and have more energy.
  • Set The Mood:
    Do you know that the mood and the setting makes a lot of difference in your sex life? So it is essential that you do up your room a little bit before your big night. Soft lighting, sensual music and sexy lingerie and maybe even some candles can make both of you want each other even more than before!  
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  • Tell Them What’s Working (& What’s Not!):
    If you two have never had sex with each other in the past, you aren’t as familiar with each other’s bodies as you’d like to be. So while you’re at it, let the other person know what’s working for you and what’s not! For example, moaning is an excellent way to let your husband know that he’s hitting the right spots. But do it only if they are, otherwise, how will they know something isn’t getting you off?
  • Don’t Be Too Experimental:
    No, don’t get us wrong! We’re not holding you back from experimenting in bed. Be spontaneous and try out new things. It’s the best way to find out what the other person likes and dislikes. While it may be cool to try out a sex position you’ve never done before, it is better if you do not try anything extreme without actually reading and discussing it first.

Things You Should Know & Do Before Your Wedding Night

  • Have Realistic Expectations:
    Before your wedding night, you need to make sure you’ve set realistic expectations from yourself, your husband and the night, especially if you’re a virgin or have never had sex with your husband. Movies and pornos rarely show you what sex is like for the first time. Since it involves human bodies, it can be a little awkward and unexpected. So have an open mind going into the bedroom. Even if it’s not the best sex of your life, it’ll still be special.  
  • Get Comfy With Touching:
    No, we don’t mean organize a full-fledged makeout sesh with your fiancé – that may not be even possible, especially if it’s an arranged marriage set-up. But hold hands, touch his shoulder, maybe a kiss on the cheek, whatever is comfortable for the two of you. Build the intimacy of knowing each other’s physical touch through these small gestures. It’s more difficult and nerve-wracking to get into bed with someone you’ve never even touched casually.
  • Know Your Body:
    And yes, by this we mean explore your body. Most girls do masturbate and have some idea of what turns them on and what feels good. And if you’ve never done it, now might be a good time to try! Don’t feel awkward about touching your breasts or even your vagina… After all, sex means someone else touching you there – doing it yourself is less daunting, isn’t it? See what feels good, what gives you pleasure, so that when ‘the time’ comes, you know how to direct the action for your own satisfaction!
    Tips for wedding night touch yourself
  • Pamper Yourself:
    A spa session, massages, facials. Anything and everything that makes you feel relaxed. Get your hair done, go for a daily run, maybe play with makeup…all the things that make you feel and look good. Indulge yourself to feel happier about yourself and appreciate the amazing thing that your body is.
  • Talk To Your Sexually Active Friends:
    Even better than reading about it or watching it on screen is asking questions about sex…and getting answers from people who know the answers! And it’s easier to get more detailed and specific information from people who know you. Every girl’s first time is different – find out what theirs was like, things they worried about and how they got over them.
  • A Little Bit Of Research:
    Reading some erotica never hurt anyone. And if you’re feeling bold enough, watch some porn. While most of the stuff you’ll come across will be wildly exaggerated and seem unreal, the principles of what goes where and what feels good are the same in real life. So it’s a pretty good way to familiarize yourself with things instead of being taken completely by surprise!
  • Hold Off Sex For A While:
    If you’re already sexually active with your husband, think about giving this idea a go! Stop having sex with each other a few weeks before the wedding. By the time you get into bed with each other on your wedding night, the anticipation and excitement of having sex will be so high, you’ll be dropping clothes at the speed of light.     
  • Communicate With Each Other:
    If it’s the first time for the two of you, talk about the elephant in the room. Ask them if they’re nervous and let them know if you are. Odds are they’re as uncomfortable as you are and didn’t know how to discuss it with you. Another important thing you might want to discuss beforehand is safe sex if you wish to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Decide a method of contraception you’re both comfortable with.
  • Dirty Talk With Each Other:
    If you’re holding off on having sex, but still want to get some action and prepare for the night, dirty talk is the way to go. It is a very primal way of communicating with each other and telling each other what you really desire in bed. If you listen well, you’ll also find out what your husband wants to do to you or what he wants you to do to him. This will help you satisfy each other better. In the meanwhile, if it floats your boat, phone sex can be a huge reliever, if you know what I mean!   

    Tips for wedding night dirty talk %282%29

What To Wear On The Wedding Night

When deciding what to wear on your wedding night, you need to be classy and simple, but most of all, you need to be you. While you might feel like there is a lot of pressure on you to look a certain way, don’t worry about it or let it affect you at all. If frills and laces aren’t your things, chuck ‘em and if you don’t think you’ll be comfortable in skimpy lingerie, don’t buy one. The only thing to remember is that, in the end, he isn’t going to care about what lingerie you wore but getting you out of it, fast!  So we’ve made a list of things you can choose from to wear on your wedding night. Pick what suits you best!

  • A Babydoll:
    Babydolls are short nightgowns with a slightly looser fit and usually with cups on the chest for extra support. It happens to be one of the most commonly available and most preferred weddings and honeymoon lingerie because of how sexy it looks and feels since they draw attention to your chest and butt. Available in a number of materials and designs, from lacey to see-through to ruffles, there is a huge variety for you to choose from.
  • A Sexy Set:
    Another option that is preferred by most women because not only is it comfortable and sexy at the same time, it is also easy to remove. A set usually has a bra and underwear in similar or complementary patterns and it looks extremely sensual. Plus, given the number of options available for you – from see-through bras to crotchless underwears – who wouldn’t want to get with this?
    Tips for wedding night matching set
  • A Teddy:
    Teddies are to the bedroom what monokinis are to swimming pool. A one and done sort of lingerie, it covers the bodies from shoulders to hip and they usually have a closure on the crotch area. Convenient, right? Just like baby dolls, they are available in a ton of materials so you can pick whichever one you feel the best in.
  • A Garter Belt:
    Add on a sexy garter belt with your matching underwear set and his jaw will drop to the floor as soon as he sees you. Used to keep stockings in place, a garter belt can be a seductive addition to your wedding night look. A matching set, a garter belt with stockings and high heels…you’ll both soon find yourself in pleasure heaven!
  • His Shirt:
    This may not be a type of lingerie but somehow I know that most women feel their sexiest in this. Once you’ve removed your makeup and freshened up, remove your bra and slip on his shirt. Don’t button up the first couple of buttons so that a hint of cleavage is visible. Walk out of the bathroom, lean against the door frame and watch him be mesmerised by you.
    Tips for wedding night man's shirt

How To Prepare For Your Wedding Night

While we’ve helped you prepare for your wedding night mentally and even given you outfit options, here are a few beauty tips that cannot be ignored. For that lit-from-within glow, follow these.

  • Moisturise Well:
    He’ll be touching you everywhere so make sure you’re giving him something soft and smooth to enjoy. Starting months before the wedding, make sure you moisturise ALL parts of your body well – start from your face, your lips and move on to rest of the body including hands and feet since they dry out the quickest. On the D-day, put on a fragrant moisturiser and dust on some shimmer on the high points and he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.   
  • Remove Your Makeup and Let Your Hair Loose:
    One thing we know for sure is that nobody wants to be having sex with a full face and a bun with about a hundred and fifty pins. So take your time and remove that cakey makeup to let your skin breathe and let your luscious locks down. Once you’re done removing your makeup, follow your trusty CTM method and walk into the room fresh-faced.
    Tips for wedding night clean up   
  • Scrub-A-Dub:
    A very important step to achieving soft, touchable skin is to exfoliate. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells and ingrown hair, leaving your skin smooth. Start a biweekly scrubbing routine two months in advance to get that enviable skin. Scrub your arms and legs the day before your Mehendi and not on the day of the wedding because scrubbing can lighten your Mehendi stain.
  • Groom Down There:
    While we’re all for loving your body in its natural state, it’s a little unhygienic to let your hair down there grow out. If you’re okay with completely getting rid of it, schedule a waxing session a few days before the wedding. Otherwise, trimming is a good idea too.
  • A Little Lipstick Never Hurt:
    While fresh-faced is beautiful, put on some red lipstick or lip stain to make yourself even more irresistible. Red is the colour of passion and love and red lipstick, along with that sexy lingerie will look oh-so-seductive.
  • Smell Fabulous:
    There is something about working all your senses that makes sex irresistible. After you’ve slipped into smokin’ hot lingerie and applied that sexy red lipstick, spray on your favourite fragrance on your pulse points like behind your ears, the bottom of your throat, inside your elbows, on your wrists and behind your knees. He’ll want you in his arms, moaning, in no time!  
    Tips for wedding night perfume
  • Workout To Build Stamina:
    Sex requires a certain amount of stamina and working out is a great way of ensuring it all doesn’t get too much for you physically. Also, you don’t want to get too exhausted mid-sex. No matter what size you are, being on the fitter side on your wedding day is kind of important and it’ll provide benefits in the bedroom too!


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