Simple Ways To Look Stunning In Bed On Your First Night!

Simple Ways To Look Stunning In Bed On Your First Night!

There has been enough chatter over the wedding night to understand that it is a big deal in all our lives. Thanks to airbrushed images and filtered photographs of celebs on magazine covers and on social media we have somehow started expecting the same from ourselves in real life. And as if it's not a worry every day, it all heightens during the wedding. It's supposed to be the most special day of our lives and we need to look our stunning best. Well, don't you worry your pretty li'l head because there isn't rocket science behind it. You just need to put in a tiny bit of effort, set aside your insecurities and flaunt what you already have. 

1. Remove all those layers of makeup and take a quick shower

shower gel

That crazy smokey eye and false lashes and not to mention thick layers of foundation need to be removed and your skin needs to breathe. Go do a nice face scrub and take a quick, refreshing shower, you've obviously had a long day under that heavy bridal lehenga. But don't take too long in the washroom, we don't want to keep him waiting!

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2. Moisturise well


This is extremely important to make your skin look healthy and soft. Use a light moisturiser with evening tones in the scent to help build the mood. However, be sure to not use a body butter or anything heavy because with all the stress and sex you might feel way too hot to be comfortable.

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3. Tame those tresses

dry shampoo

Hairstylists usually put a lot of hairspray while doing a bridal hair look. Although it makes your hair stay in place throughout the night, it also does make it sticky and hard. He's going to be playing with your hair and running his fingers through, we want it as soft as possible. While it's a pain to wash your hair and then dry it for the night, you can always use a dry shampoo to reduce the grease.

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4. Light makeup

lip gloss

We've all seen sex scenes during a movie where actors are perfectly ready with their red lipstick, full lashes, and eyebrows on fleek. But what you don't see is the makeup artist hovering around the set to keep doing touch-ups during the scene. You don't want your foundation to be melting off or your mascara to be streaming down in the middle of sweaty sex, right? So go light on the makeup. If you have acne scars or stress pimples to cover, just use concealer and top it off with a lip gloss. He won't be able to resist your juicy lips for sure!

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5. Go crazy on the sparkles


When the mood is just right, and you're the center of attention, be sure to look your shimmery best. You can either use a body splash with glitter in it or go straight for that highlighter. (Don't use too much though, you don't want to look like a disco ball.)

POPxo Recommends: Miss Claire Shimmer Brick - 02 (Price: Rs 410)

6. Even your skin tone


What we see on our big screens is that all the stars have one skin tone for their entire body, but in real life not so much. Your arms may be tanned but your legs aren't. And if that's something that bothers you, an Airbrush spray is all you need. 

POPxo Recommends: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Water Resistant (Price: Rs 1310)

7. Be kiss ready


No one likes bad breath, either brush while you're in the shower or pop a chewing gum just before, but spit it out too, you don't want to be chewing on to something while he's trying to make a move. You can even use a mouth spray for that minty fresh breath.

POPxo Recommends: Spraymintt Mouth Freshener - Pack of 3-Ice Mint (Price: Rs 297)

8. Splurge on lingerie


It's your freaking special night, you HAVE to get your sexiest pair of bra and panties out for the occasion. Black is a safe bet, but if you're feeling naughty and want to drive him wild, there's always bright hot red. You can even wear a babydoll if you want to.

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9. The scent of a woman


Your scent alone will make your man go crazy in bed. Remember to spray your favourite night perfume so that he just can't keep his hands off you. 

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10. Mood lighting


It's all about the mood you create to get into that sexy zone and get your partner in it too. Turn off those unflattering white lights in the room and make do with the yellow ones. If you don't have any, there are always candles. 

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11. Feel sexy

shutterstock 276435800

Image: Shutterstock

Everything will fall into place when you feel like owning your sexuality. Remind yourself that you're a confident tigress and you'll become it too. Stand straight, put on that charming smile or better yet, bite your lip, and voila, be ready for a crazy ride!

Let us also see, how he resists you now! 😉

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