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Life Is GOOD: 23 Simple Joys We Should Appreciate More!

Life can be a bit of a b*tch sometimes, and the world can seem somewhat difficult. But there are many, many things that we still get to enjoy, despite all the things that go wrong every day. We bring you 23 simple pleasures in life that we should – most definitely – enjoy more. Thank you, world!

1. Driving with the windows down and feeling the wind in your hair.

2. Playing with a puppy. Well, anything to do puppies.

simple pleasures in life

3. Listening to the rain while you sit and sip on a mug of steaming coffee.

4. Your toast buttered just right.

5. Holding a baby. Even better: having a baby smile at you!

simple pleasures in life

6. Your WiFi working – and your fav show buffering in 5 minutes instead of the 30 you thought it would take.

7. Re-reading a childhood classic.

8. Snuggling in bed with your favourite pillow and blanket.

simple pleasures in life

9. An unexpected compliment.

10. A day when you aren’t running late for anything.

11, Your parents or your boss or your teacher telling you “Well done!’

12. Nailing that selfie on the first attempt!

simple pleasures in life

13. Going through an old high-school scrapbook and smiling at the memories.

14. Having a great conversation with someone you just met.

15. A parking spot right in front of the shop you need to go to.

16. Dancing. Without anyone around to judge you.

simple pleasures in life

17. Free appetizers at a restaurant – so you can ACTUALLY take your time deciding what you want to order!

18. A lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

19. Finally deciding to splurge on that expensive dress you’ve been eyeing and finding it on 50% discount.

20. Being pampered by your parents.

simple pleasures in life

21. Getting to chat with your besties and catching up on what’s been up.

22. A quiet, comfortable silence shared with someone you love.

23. Rewatching an old favourite movie by yourself, and knowing every line of it.

simple pleasures in life

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05 May 2016

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