13 Things That Prove You Have The Best Boyfriend EVER!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
13 Things That Prove You Have The Best Boyfriend EVER!


The world may say that a perfect boyfriend is quite like the unicorn – one that every love story talks about, but no woman claims to have actually met. But, you know that’s not true. For you are living your fairytale with him. Here are 13 things you’ll get, only because you have the greatest boyfriend in the world:


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1. He is like that genie, who makes all your wishes come true…

If there’s some movie you’re dying to watch, or a food festival you want to hog at this weekend, all you gotta do is tell him you want to go. And more often than not, he comes up with a plan.

2. He never goes wrong with his surprises – he’s learnt to get your friends to help him out!

And every time his intentions are combined with your bestie’s impeccable taste – you always end up happy.

3. Your parents trust that you’ll be safe with him…

And it’s not because he is funny or charming, it’s just because he makes the extra effort to be well mannered around them, and be genuinely responsible when you’re going out.

best boyfriend in the world

4. Your birthday is always special…

‘Coz he knows just what would mean the most to you on your birthday, and it’s not always that limited edition makeup kit you’ve been eyeing. Sometimes, a reunion with your old friends or a much needed trip to the hills is all you need to feel special…and he knows that!

5. You don’t ever really feel insecure!

‘Coz he just makes you feel like the most important person in his life, whether he’s out with his friends on a boys’ out or is around some cute girls. You may occasionally act a little jealous, but that’s mostly because you want him to pamper you some more.

6. He is that nice boy who knows how to play naughty too…

And you two still make excuses to sneak out of a place, giggling like kids, to have some alone time away from everyone else.

best boyfriend in the world

7. He shares all your troubles with you and treats them as his own!

He knows you and your life situation all too well and just lets you have a neutral, unbiased perspective. And, somehow, together, the problem seems a little less scary and the solution a lot easier.

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8. Your fights don’t lead to heartache or even headaches – ‘coz he opens up and talks through them…

And then does something so cute in the middle of an argument that you can’t even stay mad any more and just end up giving him a big kiss.

9. He knows the way to your heart is through…your stomach!

And you often complain to him about the extra kilos you are gaining because he feeds you to death.

best boyfriend in the world

10. He understands when you’re busy with work

And does not get mad at you, for not giving him “time”. Instead, he appreciates the hard work you’re putting in, and just cheers you on to help you realise your dreams.

11. He is your complete support system!

The one who struggles with you through the tough times, picks you up every time you fall, chides you gently when you are wrong and celebrates every little joy you feel.

12. It’s the little things he does that make you feel relieved to have him by your side!

The way he curls you up next to him, or when he scoops down and plants a big kiss on your forehead, or just folds you into a big bear hug… It’s all you need to relieve the stress of a long day.

best boyfriend in the world

13. You know you want to grow old with him…

And for every single day of your life, you want to wake up next to him, stamp your passports with a thousand trips across the globe with him, and raise and spoil a bunch of adorable kids with him. He is your idea of the perfect happy ending.

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