#DesiBrideToBe: 14 Signs You’re SO Ready For Your Wedding Day!

  |  May 5, 2016
#DesiBrideToBe: 14 Signs You’re SO Ready For Your Wedding Day!


Shaadi preps are lots of things. Fun, stressful, emotional and draining. But if you can relate to most of these points, we are certain that you are so, SO ready to run pheras around the mandap already!

1. You have a couple’s hashtag


ready for your wedding

2. Your friends automatically use the hashtag – even when you run into them at the mall

Met #TanuManu

3. Dance practice is just something you do – regularly.

Every day. You hear “London Thumakda” in your sleep. You can count the steps.

ready for your wedding

4. Shopping is no longer something to do for fun!

It has become a competitive sport.

5. And you no longer care about your credit card bills.

It’s a problem for your post-married life.

ready for your wedding

6. You are obsessing about your weight.

Looking great in wedding photos is a MUST.

7. You are SO busy!

Eating has become optional. You barely have time to breathe.

ready for your wedding

8. Your wedding video is giving you sleepless nights

Thanks to, you are a total Wedding Filmer convert.

9. You have your pre-functions beauty schedule down pat.

Body scrub, two day gap, followed by waxing, just the day before the first function = perfection!

10. If you have to take another meeting with your wedding planner/ florist/ printer again…

You will scream. Wait – you already are!

ready for your wedding

11. You smile goofily when your hubby-to-be messages!

It’s like you are falling in love all over again…

12. You are the centre of the world!

For your friends, for your family – even more so than normal – and it’s a great feeling!

ready for your wedding

13. You break into tears – for no reason at all

It’s driving your family and fiancé batty – but the stress has to come out, right?

14. But no matter what…

You go to bed, dreaming to how amazing the honeymoon’s gonna be… That’s what gets you through all the insanity that is shaadi time!

ready for your wedding

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