Yay, Ek Aur Shaadi! 17 Signs You’re OBSESSED With Weddings!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016


Maybe it’s a childhood problem, or you could just go ahead and blame it on Bollywood, but you’ve always been kind of, sort of, obsessed with weddings! We totally hear you, sister – we are kind of there ourselves…shaadi selfies and all! And if you have an all-year-round wedding hangover, we are basically twinning. So, keep calm and enjoy all the weddings, guilt free, because we totes approve! 😉

1. You LOVE weddings, and more importantly, you love the run up to those weddings.

obsessed with weddings 1

2. Wearing pretty clothes, drinking, dancing, flirting – what’s not to love!? Amirite?

3. When Geet put it this way, she was basically the same person as you!

obsessed with weddings 3

4. You have actually considered making a career out of wedding planning, since it’s something you seem to enjoy so much.

5. When one of your girls tells you she’s getting married – you get emotional, but you also feel very excited. “Yayyy! Another wedding!!”

obsessed with weddings 5

6. You love watching wedding videos. All those perfect love stories! *Sigh*

7. You have obviously discussed #ShahidKiShaadi with your friends!

obsessed with weddings 7

8. And because your professional opinion matters so much, you have very seriously deliberated on all of Mira’s outfits!

9. Whether or not your own your wedding is anywhere close, you have spent many MANY hours on Pinterest looking at all things wedding!

obsessed with weddings 9

10. The minute a new, peppy number comes out, you are already thinking of dancing to it at the next Sangeet!

11. You might as well be getting married tomorrow, because you have every last detail figured out!

obsessed with weddings 11

12. You are totally in on bridal trends and bridal fashion – your friends should ask you stuff instead of going to designers, really!

13. You love mehendi, genda phool, maang teekas and all other things that spell Indian weddings.

obsessed with weddings 13

14. You love the candid photography trend and can stare at wedding pictures for HOURS. (Even if you don’t know the couple, at all). Umm, guilty pleasure!

15. Also, thank god #ShaadiSelfie became a thing, because you were pretty much doing it anyway!

obsessed with weddings 15

16. You can’t wait for wedding season – it’s only, like, the best part of the whole year!

17. You and your bestie have spent hours discussing what you both will do at each other’s weddings! You are pretty sure you’ll rock that bridesmaid thing.

obsessed with weddings 17


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