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10 Signs You’re EXACTLY Where You’re Meant To Be In Life!

Lavanya MohanLavanya Mohan  |  May 5, 2016


Remember how when you were in school, you had your entire 20s plotted out? Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? Add to that the fact that your life may have not exactly stuck to that plan… But don’t lose heart! Check out these 10 signs that you’re EXACTLY where you’re meant to be in life!

1. You don’t envy your friends’ success

Some of your friends may have struck success earlier than you did, but you don’t really find yourself envying them. In fact, you’re really happy for them! Their success gives you the hope that you’ll get there soon yourself (which you will!).

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2. Relationship status – “Chill”

Irrespective of whether you’re with someone (who is perfect!), or whether you’re single, you don’t feel pressured to jump aboard the marriage/ dating ship any time at the moment, because life is pretty good right now, isn’t it?

3. You look forward to tomorrow

Yes, your job right now isn’t the one that you dreamt of when you were young, your boss isn’t exactly the “cool older friend” type you’d hoped for, and some of your co-workers are totally annoying – but it’s challenging and lets you afford your life! If you look forward to the next day, it’s because you’re motivated to go for your dreams, and because you’re excited for your own future! Yay!

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4. You take time out for the little things

Whether it’s taking your grandma out for a little shopping spree, or leaving work early to get some coffee with your sister who is visiting, you enjoy the little things in life because you know what matters to you, and your priorities are all in the right place!

5. You’re a lot more laidback than most people you know

Some of your friends can get really frustrated over everything that’s happening to them, but you aren’t. Frustration is a sign of dissatisfaction, and your lack of it means you’re happy with your life – and that you believe that whatever you’re doing makes a difference in the world.

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6. You do YOU

No longer do you feel the need to fake “my mom is sick” excuses to get out of parties early because you just want to have an early night. You’re happy to tell your friends the truth because you have friends who get it, and will continue to love you no matter how long you stay (or don’t stay) the night. It’s a good life!

7. You don’t hesitate to ask or give help

You’re always ready to ask and give help because you’re not insecure and your heart is open to making other people happy – something that would never happen if you were too unhappy about your own life!

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8. No pressure!

Gone are the days when you’d try something you didn’t like because someone “dared” you to. You know what you what and what you don’t want, so there’s no chance anyone can force you or pressure you into doing anything!

9. The goals you set for yourself are clear

Your goals are something that only you set for yourself. While you do respect the opinions of your parents and everyone else around you, you are firm in what you want to achieve and you know nothing and no one can change that.

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10. You love yourself

Many times, lack of confidence stops us from achieving what we want to, and keeps us from being where we are meant to. The moment you decide that you love yourself, including all your imperfections, you really are living the life you’re meant to be!

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