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15 “Sexting Emojis” To Get A Bit Naughty Over Texts! *Wink*

15 “Sexting Emojis” To Get A Bit Naughty Over Texts! *Wink*

Sexting is fun but sexting through emojis is even better! It’s like playing pictionary…the dirty kind. *wink* Without further ado, we bring to you these 15 ultimate sexting emojis that you can totally try on your guy the next time around!

1. The ‘junk’ emoji

1 sexting emojis



Ruined eggplants for us forever, but this is your go-to symbol when it comes to discussing his junk!


2. The other ‘junk’ emoji

2 sexting emojis



Made famous by Kim Kardashian, this emoji is used to represent a woman’s butt. And it definitely inspires you to do more squats! 😉

3. Have you been naughty?

3 sexting emojis



Because you need some spanking!


4. 69 like you mean it!

4 sexting emojis

Sorry, Cancerians, we’re giving your symbol a double meaning! But in our defence, it really wasn’t thought through, was it?


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5. The climax!

5 sexting emojis


What in the normal world means water droplets or rain, in the sexting world means something a little more intense! Are we ‘cuming’ across right?

6. The post-climax

6 sexting emojis



Oh, that blessed feeling of finally reaching your destination, aw yeah!


7. Back to the basics

7 sexting emojis

If you are done with the kinky stuff for a while and want to head to your plain old basic sex position, then this is the right way to approach it!


8. Adults only!

8 sexting emojis

Send this just when you are starting to get in the groove so that he is clear about your intentions 😉


9. Hump-ing the right way!

9 sexting emojis

Just because things are getting intense and hot doesn’t mean you can’t include a little sense of humour!


10. A visit to the candy shop, please?

10 sexting emojis



Let him know that you take your lollipops very very seriously!

11. Say cheese!

11 sexting emojis


A picture is worth a thousand words, go ahead, ask for one directly! Who the gurl? YOU the gurl!

12. Time to get a bit graphic, eh?

12 sexting emojis


And while you are asking him for one, don’t leave him hanging. Send some love back!

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13. Cunnilingus

13 sexting emojis

C’mon! You knew this had to be something dirty the first time you saw it too! Hail the mighty cunnilingus aka the licker!


14. Give the devil his due!

14 sexting emojis

This cute emoji added to any normal statement can make it super naughty! And when it comes to sexting, you can unleash the devil in you! #NoRegrets


15. That was awesome!

15 sexting emojis

When you are finally done with it and you just want to say, “Babe, that was a 10/10 performance!”


Images: Getemoji

23 Sep 2016
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