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7 Best Sex Positions That Guarantee Multiple Orgasms (Because One Isn’t Enough!)

7 Best Sex Positions That Guarantee Multiple Orgasms (Because One Isn’t Enough!)

Orgasms for women may be a tad difficult but oh the joy of them! While men may want to take a little break after their big O, women can actually enjoy more than one (right after the other). But did you know there are a few positions that guarantee orgasm? And not just one, multiple orgasms. So, try these seven sex positions and experience back-to-back big Os!

1. Sixty-nine, baby!

This position guarantees multiple orgasms because it involves oral sex. And it’s a win-win position for both the partners. So, test the 69 with your partner and help each other find those glorious moments! 

sex positions fo multiple orgasms inside 1

2. Classic lady cowgirl!

A little twist is added to the woman-on-top as you’re riding him with your back facing him. This position gives you all the control to rub your clit against him your way. It also gives you the control of the speed and the angles, and ends up giving you multiple orgasms.

3.  The L-shaped position

So, the girl lies flat on her back and raises her legs. Your partner’s pelvis is in line with your vagina and he enters you while he is on his knees. This gives deep penetration, thus multiple orgasms!

sex positions to get multiple orgasms inside 3

4. Doggy style

Doggy style is a classic position that allows your partner to penetrate deep and get full control of your body. You can also control the position with your movement. You can also bend a little downward for the movement to be easier.

5. Reverse missionary

Missionary may be one of the most comfortable and go-to sex positions, but try reverse missionary to heat it up more. The position involves lying down on your chest and letting your partner penetrate from behind. 

sex positions to get multiple orgasms 5

6. Spooning!

Spooning is the best position for comfortable, yet great sex. Lie down on your side and let your partner enter you from behind. This not only gives your partner access to your G-spot, but also gives him enough space to play with your clitoris. You can also raise your legs for easy penetration.

7. Woman on top!

This one is an oldie but a goodie. It gives every woman the control that she wants. He will hit your G-spot when you’re riding him and it will also give you full control for clitoris stimulation when it rubs against your man’s pelvis.

postions to get multiple orgasms

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