The Pros And Cons Of 11 Sex Positions - Explained!

The Pros And Cons Of 11 Sex Positions - Explained!
Unless you’ve done a detailed research on the Kama Sutra or something similar, sex positions can be quite confusing. And how do you choose what position you want to try out next when they look so scary and complicated, right? Well, don’t you worry, because you have us! Here are 11 of the most common sex positions with their pros and cons!

1. Missionary

How it works: It’s the most common of the sex positions. You lie on your back, legs spread open and your partner is on top.

Pros: It’s the perfect position for beginners. You can make eye contact and kiss. It also lets you be gentle with each other.

Cons: After a while, it just gets monotonous. The lack of effort leads to a lack of satisfaction.

2. Doggy Style

How it works: Doggy style is when you are on your all fours and your partner is on his knees, taking control from behind you.

Pros: The view is great for your partner! And it’s easy to reach your clitoris from behind.

Cons: It can be a bit painful if your partner goes in too strong - some even consider it a rather beastly position.

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3. Cowgirl

How it works: The basic ‘girl on top’ sex position. Your partner lies on his back and you sit or squat over him and, well, ride him!

Pros: This is a great sex position for women who want to achieve vaginal orgasms. It also allows your man to use his hands to stimulate you further. Definitely your first step towards sexual domination!

Cons: Leaves the partner with little to do, often resulting in being a turn off if not done the right way.

4. The 69

How it works: This position looks much like the number ‘69’. Both the partners lie top to tail on either their sides or on top of each other. It’s the mouths that get in touch with their partner’s genitals and work the magic!

Pros: Even though it isn’t considered sex in the most basic sense of the word, 69 is a great position for arousal!

Cons: This is definitely a position that takes time and practice. You need to focus on pleasuring yourself as well as your partner.

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5. Face To Face

How it works: Basically, you face each other and then climb on his lap, joining your legs behind him.

Pros: It’s a very sweet position which almost feels like a sex snuggle. Also, you both have the chance to build up to climax together.

Cons: It’s an extremely slow process which might just not be up to a few people’s taste.

6. Spoons

How it works: This is basically spooning with sex involved. Both the partners lie facing the same side, creating a shape that looks like two spoons meeting and your partner enters you from behind.

Pros: It’s a very calm and relaxed position. Perfect for couples who feel really comfortable with each other.

Cons: It’s not for people who prefer passionate love making and are turned on by the risque factor of sex.

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7. The Scissors

How it works: Scissors is actually an easy position to do but maybe a little complicated to explain. Both of you face each other, you place your top leg over your partner and he then pulls you by your butt and enters you.

Pros: The intimacy of this position is absolutely mesmerising! You can kiss your partner and both of you are inches away from each other...maybe not even inches.

Cons: It takes a few times to get it absolutely right and it isn’t very visually exciting.

8. The Galloping Horse

How it works: You need a chair for this one. Your partner sits on one while you climb on top of him and get the passion burning!

Pros: Your partner has a great view which turns them on. And you get deep penetration!

Cons: Doing it on a chair can be tricky sometimes and the action of keeping your legs stretched apart can be quite uncomfortable as well!

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9. Magic Bullet

How it works: You lie face up on the bed with your legs straight up in the air while your partner kneels behind you, holding onto your legs for leverage and thrusts!

Pros: The movements, in this one too, are deep and sensual and definitely live up to the name of the position!

Cons: Unless you are into working out, it can be quite tiring. Your legs might be sore the next day.

10. Corridor Canoodling

How it works: Basically, you two have to find a place which has two opposite walls very close to each other. Your partner leans on one wall resting his feet against the other while you climb on top of him.

Pros: It’s perfect for bathroom sex or for a quickie. It’s both exciting and spontaneous!

Cons: Your partner would need a lot of strength in his legs to carry your weight while also trying to make the most of the moment.

10 sex positions

11. Reverse Cowgirl

How it works: It’s the opposite of cowgirl and a mix between doggy style and woman-on-top. Your partner lies flat on the bed with their legs hanging over the edge.You climb on top of but face away from your partner and lean forward with your arms, resting on his knees or thighs.

Pros: You have total control over the speed, the angle and the movement!

Cons: There is very little physical contact which is not what many couples prefer.

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