15 Fun Sex Facts That Will Make You Wanna Get Into Action With Your Partner!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Jul 28, 2017
15 Fun Sex Facts That Will Make You Wanna Get Into Action With Your Partner!

Sex is a diverse topic. It’s important to know everything about it even if you’re not sexually active. And even when you might think you know all that there is to know about sex. Here are 15 absolutely crazy and fascinating facts about sex that every modern woman should know. How many of these did you know already?

Sex Fact 1: We automatically find people who smell good, twice as amazing!

That’s true. Men who smell good are just yumm! Also, guys feel the same way. Smell good and it will automatically turn the heat on.

sex facts 1

Sex Fact 2: Sex has a lot of health benefits. Seriously!

Well, sex keeps your immune system strong, keeps stress at bay and also helps in weight loss among a few health benefits! Now you have a good number of reasons to get into the groove.

Sex Fact 3: Apple acts as a female aphrodisiac and pumpkins act as a male aphrodisiac.

Apples have been known to boost sexual drive in most women and pumpkins do the same for men. This is another reason to have an apple a day, eh? And, um, pumpkin for men? Expect some fireworks on bed!

Sex Fact 4: Your sex drive changes according to your hormones

A woman’s sex drive can go up by 24% when she is going through any kind of hormonal fluctuations while she is ovulating.

Sex Fact 5: One in four men switch off the light during sex

And we thought that it was just us, huh?

sex facts 5

Sex Fact 6: The best time to get in action is actually after a workout

Because the blood flow to the genitals is the maximum after a good workout session and also working out releases endorphins which trigger a feeling of happiness in your mind.

Sex Fact 7: Nearly half of the men think that their penis is small

Focus – ‘They think’. Also, they still end up satisfying a woman.

Sex Fact 8: A woman’s vagina is quite…accommodating!

A woman’s vagina which is usually 4-5 inches can expand 200 percent when sexually aroused! Woah, that’s something!

Sex Fact 9: 30 minutes of active sex makes you lose over 150 calories

Say whaaat?! Now that’s something we definitely don’t mind! All of you who want to watch your weight have a reason to engage in steamy affairs more often.

sex facts 9

Sex Fact 10: Condoms don’t affect pleasure at all

So, next time a guy says no to covering his willy, make sure he gets his facts right.

Sex Fact 11: Sperms have anti-wrinkle properties

Sperms have protein in them and hence it gives an instant face lift and glow. Just thought you’d like to know!

Sex Fact 12: Sex can actually lead to a regular period cycle

Yup, regular sex can help women get rid of irregular periods. You know what the drill is now, don’t you, girls?

Sex Fact 13: Orgasms can actually make post sex conversations better

Yes it’s true, conversations get more intimate between people once they’ve climaxed together. No doubt there!

sex facts 13

Sex Fact 14: There are 245 sex positions and around 30 types of kisses in the Kama Sutra

How many have you tried yet?

Sex Fact 15: Sex occurs 120 million times a day so over 240 million people, roughly, have sex on a daily basis

Time for us to get on the bandwagon! *wink*

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