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8 Advantages of Sex That You Might Not Know About!

8 Advantages of Sex That You Might Not Know About!
It’s not like you need any more reasons to get naughty between the sheets, but did you know that there are plenty of other benefits you can reap from all the bedroom time? From clearing your complexion to lowering your risks of heart disease, having sex has some amazing health benefits. So what are you waiting for? Get your game on with these 8 advantages of sex!

Sex Benefit 1. Easing the Pain

Health Benefits of Sex The surge of endorphins released during an orgasm helps provide relief from annoying aches and pains - be it a backache, or a pounding headache, or even menstrual cramps. Oh and if your partner has read this post, “Honey, I have a headache” may not work in your favour next time.

Sex Benefit 2. It's a Great Stress-Buster

Health Benefits of Sex The next time you’re majorly stressing over a job interview, or a big life decision, stay off the fattening comfort food and get busy between the sheets instead. A great advantage of sex is that those feel-good hormones help curb anxiety, and helps you relax better. The more often you have sex the more stress-free your life will be.

Sex Benefit 3. A Healthy Heart

Health Benefits of Sex You may eat right and stay fit, but an active sex life helps keep your heart healthy and happy as well. Just like any other form of exercise, sex increases your heart rate and blood flow. Advantage of regular sex is that it reduces your risk of a heart attack.

Sex Benefit 4. An Enviable Complexion

igns It Is Time To run to the dermat It’s true, sex helps you become gorgeous. Thanks to reduced stress, increased blood flow, and release of hormones like testosterone and estrogen, having sex often can give you a youthful glow. Regular sex helps make you look fresh and young, along with making  your skin softer and hair shinier. Stop splurging on all those beauty products and go get naughty instead!

Sex Benefit 5. Better Immunity

Health Benefits of Sex Another advantage of sex is that having sex frequently helps boost your immunity as it increases antibody levels, like immunoglobulins. This means fewer sniffles during flu season and also less chances of contracting cancer. After all, there is nothing sexy about runny noses.

Sex Benefit 6. A More Toned Bod

Health Benefits of Sex All that sex has its advantages. Some good old pelvic action is equal to a cardio session as it helps workout your abs, thighs, butt and legs. Just like with exercising, having sex often leads to better results..

Sex Benefit 7. Sleep Like a Baby

nighttime tips for your hair Ever wondered why you feel so sleepy after a nookie session? That’s because all those de-stressing endorphins are a great benefit of sex and help you relax better and lull you into sounder sleep. If you’ve been losing out on sleep, now may be the time to get busy between the sheets for deeper and more restful sleep.

Sex Benefit 8. It Helps with Lady Problems

Health Benefits of Sex We have already told you that sex helps reduce painful periods. But that’s not the only gynecological benefit it has. Having sex can also reduce the risk of endometriosis, a serious and common condition where the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus and causes extreme pelvic pain. Advantages of sex also contributes to regularizing your hormonal cycle as well as strengthens your pelvic floor. MUST-READ: 10 Super Sex Quotes To Keep You Inspired! MUST-READ: #UrbanLegends: 10 Myths About Sex You Should Never, Ever Believe!