11 Things Your Guy Needs To Know About Your Vagina!!

11 Things Your Guy Needs To Know About Your Vagina!!

We all know that our vagina is pretty impressive. It can take pleasure and immense amount of pain (yes we are talking about periods!) and yet feel so strong. But as much as we know (and adore) our vaginas, there are a lot of things that we still might not know. Okay, we might know enough but there are surely things that guys don’t (and won’t unless you tell them). Here are 11 vagina facts that he must know, well, before you let him IN!

1. You can’t actually see your vagina

1 vagina facts

People generally term the external opening as the vagina whereas it is actually the vulva that people are referring to here. Vagina is the tube that connects the opening to the cervix. This difference needs to be remembered even as vulvovaginal hygiene is often referred to as vaginal hygiene.

2. Not every girl has a hymen

Hymen is a membrane that covers the vaginal opening. While some women may not have that structure, a lot of girls might have it torn during a workout or any other physical activities like cycling even before they have sex. Hence it’s a myth that every girl bleeds during her first time.

3. What we eat affects how we smell ‘down there’

Everything that we eat potentially affects the way we smell down there (good or bad). For example, vegetables, herbs and fruits are known give your vagina a more sugary flavour. However this change is temporary and can be fixed by changing the diet.

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4. Vulvas actually come in different shapes and sizes

4 vagina facts

There are different kinds of vagina and there is no standard measure of how a vulva looks. Every girl has a different vagina and it definitely varies from one girl to the other!

5. The size of the vagina increases when a woman is aroused

On an average, the size of a vagina is 3 to 4 inches deep. However, the size increases to twice as more when we are sexualy aroused. Pretty crazy, right?

6. The vagina cleanses itself

A vagina actually cleans itself on its own and there is not much that we have to do. It produces fluids to flush out bacterias and keep it healthy all the time.

7. A vagina actually allows different kinds of orgasms

7 vagina facts

While men just get orgasm from one particular area and it is of one kind, women can actually get multiple kinds of orgasms including vaginal and clitoral to name a few! There is a lot of potential out there - just saying!

8. Vagina gets its lubrication on its own

Every vagina lubricates itself and external lubrication is only needed in certain situations. In case you are experiencing pain or trouble, you should consult your gynaecologist and figure out whether you should use extra lube. Otherwise you are good with just the natural lubrication.

9. A birth control pill can be harmful for the vagina (read: very)

Not only does a birth control pill harm our body in different ways, it also affects our vagina’s ability to secrete lube. Hecne, think twice before having unprotected sex the next time.

10. Vaginal infections come easy

10 vagina facts

Yes! We’re super sensitive down there. Sometimes the tiniest things like being on antibiotics or using a dirty washroom can cause infections. However, most of them can be healed easily with extra care as well!

11. Vaginas actually inform us when there is anything wrong

Like for example, a rash or an itch will actually indicate if there is an infection that needs to be treated. Our vagina understands, you see!

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