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11 Self-Care Hacks For Every Girl Who Is Barely Adulting!

11 Self-Care Hacks For Every Girl Who Is Barely Adulting!

When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to grow up and now, as adults, all we want is to do is go back to the carefree days of childhood. But there is no time-machine (at least for now!) and knowing that there are times when all we want to do is curl up into a ball and hide from the world. The truth is that most of us don’t realize that our 20s are filled with exploring and discovering ourselves. So, if you’ve been slacking on personal goals or think you’re barely adulting, here are some self-care hacks that will help you get on track and make you feel much better about yourself. Just get rolling and start practicing these small yet very effective habits today!

1. Be grateful for your life, every day!

The minute you start appreciating everything you have been blessed with, you will automatically start respecting it more. Get up in the morning and let the first thing you do be thankful for all things that make your life better. What a positive way to start each day!


1 self care hacks

2. Water comes first!

A lot of us head straight to coffee or tea, but after 8 hours or so of no food or water, drinking coffee is going to dehydrate your body. Plus, let’s accept it, coffee is an addiction that’s difficult to break. Drink the magic liquid more instead!


3. Motivate yourself to workout!

Even if your goals are small, just get, set, move! If you can’t do a 60-minute workout, it’s okay. Just get out of your bed every day and get your body moving. A 15-minute walk every day will do you a world of good too!

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4. Get some ‘me’ time

Switch off your mobile phones and other distractions to give yourself some much needed alone time. Read a book, attend a class or just spend time in natural surroundings, to reconnect with yourself and your needs. Do this at least once a week and you’ll notice the difference immediately.


5. Have one raw meal, every day

Sure, it’s already hard enough to avoid junk food and eat healthily, but a raw meal sounds just too much? Actually, it’s not! If you have a total of six meals a day – of different portion sizes, just ensure you make at least one of them entirely with fruits and fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, sprouts, etc.

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6. Read more books

With age, we create a comfort zone we rarely break from. We stop trying new things or new ways of doing old things. But books give you a lot of perspective. It can be fiction that takes you into a new world, read a self-help book that helps you get your sh*t together or a biography that inspires you to work harder. Books can guide you, no matter what your age.

7. Write your To-Dos every morning

It may seem totally unnecessary but writing down your checklists for the day gives you the motivation to get stuff done and check it off as the day passes. You know exactly what needs to be done and nothing can help you manage your time better than that.


7 self care hacks

8. Try to meditate, every day

A little underrated and often perceived as daunting, meditation can actually help relieve all or most of the stress you may be facing at work or on the personal front. It’s the best way to keep yourself calm and be more patient. 10 minutes a day and you’re sorted.


9. Wear something that will make you feel more confident

As simple as it sounds, dressing up in something that makes you feel confident and hot will make a huge difference. The confidence that comes from wearing something you love can give you the push you need to change the world.

9 self care hacks


10. Learn to make time for your family and friends

It’s really important to make time for the people you love and as the saying goes, family always comes first. Give them time to connect to you and gift them love, laughter and a dose of happiness!

11. Stay updated

Reading what the world is up to will help you get with the times. You never know how many conversations you can start just by knowing what’s happening around the world.


11 self care hacks

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01 Feb 2018
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