10 Little Secrets To A Really Great Relationship!

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
10 Little Secrets To A Really Great Relationship!


Relationships require work – especially one with your partner! But it’s the small things that really count. Here are a few little secrets to make your relationship a happier and better one!

1. Be affectionate towards your partner…

Just saying “I love you” is not enough. Showing some affection is important when you’re in a relationship with someone. Your partner will always feel happy knowing that you love him and go the extra mile to show him just how much. Hold his hand, give him a kiss, hug him! All these small acts of affection will make your partner feel more loved than ever.

secrets for a good relationship

2. Communicate your feelings!

Even if your partner gets upset about you bringing up things that may create an uncomfortable situation, it is much better than holding it all in and lashing out in different passive aggressive ways. Communicate with your partner (without making him feel like he is being attacked) to your best ability. Even the happiest of couples have issues, but they talk about them and work things out!

3. Be your partner’s support system

Encourage him when he’s feeling defeated by the world. Tell him he’s not alone and stay true to your word. Even when he loses all hope, knowing that you’re by his side will give him strength and encourage him to carry on trying. Being there for your partner through a rough patch in his life will only make the bond between the two of you stronger.

secrets for a good relationship

4. Don’t keep score of who does how much!

You both do things for each other, so why keep score? Keeping a count or track of who does more or less is bound to create a negative atmosphere. Do what you want to do for your partner from your heart, and not to prove a point!


5. Acknowledge and appreciate the little things he does…

We all like being appreciated for the effort we put in, don’t we? Even if everything doesn’t always work out the way we wanted. Acknowledge when your partner tries to do something nice for you, even if it isn’t exactly what you may have wanted. He put in the effort to make you smile; the least you can do is tell him you appreciate the effort!

secrets for a good relationship

6. Forgive and forget

You will both make mistakes and maybe even hurt each other at times. Forgive each other and move on. If you can’t do that, your relationship can never truly be a happy one. Don’t dwell on the past. If you have decided to forgive your partner and move forward, then actually do that! No point holding on to resentment and anger if you still want to be together and make it work.

7. Give each other space

While it’s great to spend time with each other, giving each other space and time to do your own things is equally important. To grow as individuals is as important as growing together as people!

secrets for a good relationship

8. Be patient and kind…

Although it may be hard to do at times, kindness and patience will never yield a negative result. If your partner is not in a particularly good mood and is as a result being irritable even with you, show him some patience. He will recognise it and love you for it when he finally calms down!

9. Pamper and spoil your partner every now and then!

We all want to be spoilt by the one we love! It feels good to be pampered and be given special treatment! Give your partner little gifts, a handwritten note or even just order in his favourite food and watch his favourite movie with him. It will make you as happy doing it as it will make him!

secrets for a good relationship

10. Never take your partner for granted…

Every happy couple knows the little but most important secret to a great relationship – never taking your partner for granted. It’s great to get comfortable with your partner as you spend more time and even grow older with each other – but becoming complacent is where things go wrong. Don’t ever let your partner feel as if you don’t value him as much any more or

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