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Rich Girl Nails Are Perfect For The Minimalist In Me

Rich Girl Nails Are Perfect For The Minimalist In Me

Kim Kardashian may be ditching her neutral nails for colourful press-ons now. But minimalists like me continue to favour subtle manicures. Thanks to celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik, we don’t run out of ideas for classic manicures. Every time he posts a picture of a new manicure, I do a little dance. His latest creation, Rich Girl Nails, is probably one of my favourites to date!

Surprisingly, Rich Girl Nails Are Pretty Low Maintenance

When I heard ‘Rich Girl Nails’, I visualised exactly this. A manicure that draws strength from subtlety and sophistication. Like the no-makeup makeup aesthetic but in the form of a manicure. Bachik debuted the trend on J.Lo’s nails, and well, the rest is (viral) history.


There’s A Glow About J.Lo

J.Lo’s flesh-toned manicure is the O.G rich-girl mani. The look is more focused on the colour than the shape or length of the nails. This colour is a mix of grey and beige (alias greige). Though it’s subtle, it’s not unmemorable. It’s elegant and polished.

She Puts The Queen In Queen’s Gambit

The Queen Gambit’s lead Anya Taylor-Joy recreated the look for the 2023 Critics’ Choice Awards with a small tweak, she added some crystals along the length.


Everyone Say, ‘Thank You, Nicola’

Nicole Peltz Beckham, American film and TV actress, tried out the trend with almond-shaped nails instead, and I think I like this one a little more!

If you’d like to DIY these nails, here’s what you can do.


DIYing Rich Girl Nails Is Pretty Economical

Trim Your Nails To A Square

Trim your nails until they’re mid-length. Start filing the corners to achieve the squoval nail shape.

Apply Your Base Coat

Go ahead and lay the groundwork with a long-lasting base coat.


Pick Your Polish

Find a nail polish that matches the colour of your skin & apply two coats.

Apply Your Top Coat

Find the glossiest top coat you can and apply it once your nail polish has dried down completely. You can add another coat if necessary. This will mimic the look of an in-salon gel manicure.


It’s that simple. If you’re looking for something low-effort that looks luxurious, try this out!

Featured Image: Instagram

25 Jan 2023
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