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J.Lo Has A Nail-Art Concept To Share With You For V-Day

J.Lo Has A Nail-Art Concept To Share With You For V-Day

J.Lo’s nails are all loved-up and dreamy this time of the year. Though the singer hasn’t branded the nails Valentine’s Day-ready, many have already added the manicure to their archives in anticipation of February — because they absolutely exude charm and old-school romance. Tom Bachik, nail-art wizard and J.Lo’s go-to, has anchored the manicure in minimalism and poise, and effortlessly so. Here’s a look at it along with a guide on recreating the aesthetic at home come Valentine’s.

J.Lo’s V-Day Mani Is Perfect For Romantics Who Love Minimalism

J.Lo has once again elevated the lacquers into something aspirational; enlisting the minimalism of a light-handed flick of pale pink this time around (and, no, they’re not bedazzled with Swarovski). The newlywed is in the middle of promoting her soon-to-be-released movie Shotgun Wedding, and this manicure, courtesy of Tom Bachik obviously, is quite the addition to her aesthetic.

He pulled off the entire pretty-in-pink look without having to create any scope for drama — and even though the nails are light and lack length, they exude a romantic, rich-girl charm that J.Lo now endorses. This is possibly because the nail-art wizard has shaped the celebrity’s pink nails into soft squovals that look and feel delicate and elegant.

The manicure is a timeless go-to for Valentine’s Day — whether you’re planning a candlelight dinner or spending the day indoors binge-watching classic rom-com with your date. But the best part about the look is that it’s prepped and primed as an everyday-wear accessory too. It’s not too much or too less — not blatantly loved-up or bold, and it blends in just effortlessly. It finds strength through minimalism, and that’s something.


All you have to do is trim and file your nails around the edges just a little for them to take onto the shape. The next step involves painting them a shade of pale pink, and you’re done. If you like it glazed and glossy, go in with a shiny top coat at the end, and that’s it. There’s not much to the manicure in terms of steps, and you don’t have to have any technique to ace it. There you have it — pretty, short, and simple Valentine’s Day nails. You can use these shades to recreate the look at home:

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Featured Image: Instagram

17 Jan 2023

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