9 Silly But Cute Traditions To Start With Your Boyfriend!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
9 Silly But Cute Traditions To Start With Your Boyfriend!

If you have a boyfriend, we’re sure you do the classic things with him anyway! The dinners, movies, etc., etc. But what really adds a bit of spark is something that’s unique just to you…like your own little tradition! Here are some really cute and slightly silly ideas to inspire you!

1. Tiny Celebrations

It could be an A on an exam or the smallest of accomplishments at work, but make it a standard practice to celebrate it with your partner. It could be a fancy dinner or just quick trip to the ice cream parlour, but just the fact that you are making a point to treat each other will mean a lot!

2. Midnight Resolutions

Everyone makes and breaks their own resolutions. Why not do the same thing, but together?! Trust us, it definitely gives you more incentive and much more support to push through it! And who know? It might be the first time you don’t actually end up breaking it!

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3. You Jump, I Jump

We’re all afraid of trying new things sometimes, but it’s a hell of a lot easier when there is someone next you, trying the same thing. So make a pact to try a new activity every month (or even every year!). Bungee jumping, rollerblading or even a random board game you’ve never played before! It might seem silly sometimes, but these experiences will make for great memories!

4. Birthday Surprises

Have a birthday ritual! Not anything grand like planning a party or going away for a vacation. We mean like making a deal that you both HAVE to give each other something that you didn’t spend any money on. Something you made with your bare hands? It’ll be a priceless present!

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5. Go Exploring

Not every couple can pack their bags every month and get away from the city. But you know what you can do instead? Visit a new place. We’re sure your city still has some really interesting forts or temples that you’ve never really explored completely, some dhaba people rave about but you’ve never eaten there. So start your month off with an adventure date like this one!


6. A Text A Day

There will be days when you don’t get to talk to each other and are just busy with everything else. Well, a minute isn’t too much to spare, though, right? Send each other a text – not the usual “Good morning” and “I love you”, but just let them know about a single thing about them that you appreciate. It’s the simplest way to make your partner’s day!

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7. Say Cheese!

Find your pose, lovebirds! Him hugging you, you laughing at him, whatever floats your boat! But make it a classic and make sure to get at least one in that pose whenever you are clicking photos! After a while, when you put them all together, even you won’t be able to believe how adorable you guys are!

8. The Double Date

We know love does crazy things to people, but don’t be lost in your own bubble! And you know the best way to stay in touch with your friends and still have your boyfriend by your side? The double (or even group!) date! And if the weather is great, you could even make it a picnic date. It’ll be great fun and there is nothing better than your boyfriend getting along with your friends and their partners!

relationship traditions 8

9. The Christmas Sock

Exchanging Christmas gifts is normal for a lot of people! But exchanging gifts that aren’t wrapped in a festive print paper but hidden in a festive sock instead?! It’ll be super cute and we bet you’ll be the only ones you know who have this cute little tradition!

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