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Are You Two The “Relationship Goals” Couple? Here’s How To Tell

Are You Two The “Relationship Goals” Couple? Here’s How To Tell

Saw a perfect photograph of a couple relaxing on the beach and instantly tagged your boo saying #relationshipgoals? We all have! Be it something nice you saw, or read, or heard a friend and her boyfriend doing. While some of us keep thinking, there are other couples, who with their love and support for each other have already become a relationship goal couple for their friends. Everyone talks about them, quotes their example and wants to be like them. If you think you’re (or wanna be) one of the “#relationshipgoals” couple in real life, here is a list of things we’ve compiled that you might do, or might wanna do in order to be like them!

1. Do you call each other with your names in public?

Yes, of course everyone does have a nickname by which they call their partner but this is usually a secret between them. It is good if you both refrain from using this name in public as you don’t want to give the public an entry into your personal life and let them know what you both call each other. You have grown up from the baby talk in public.

1 relationship goals

2. Are you both one, yet different?

A couple who is together yet have their separate lives are awesome! They have their own set of friends and often make plans without their better half. If you both encourage each other to have a “boys night” and “girls night” and never make an issue about the same, you both are mature and stable together. No emotional blackmailing and dramas in your relationship.


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3. Are you both utterly comfortable together?

You don’t have to be always looking like you just stepped out from the parlour. You both can handle each other in sweatpants and he still finds you looking as beautiful as ever.

3 relationship goals

4. Are you each other’s strength?

A couple who does not let each other get weak is one couple who is admired and loved by all. You should be each other’s pillar of strength and always encourage and motivate each other.


5. Two is a team?

You both are a perfect team together. You both need nobody else when you have each other by your side. You seek help and advice from each other and also become the shoulder for each other to sulk on. You both try out new experiences and love being in each other’s company.

5 relationship goals

6. Are you both friends too?

Yes, you both might be dating, but being friends with each other is extremely important too. Finding a friend in your lover is one of the most beautiful relationships.

7. Do you take interest in each other’s hobbies?

It is awesome when a couple takes interest in each other’s hobbies. You decide on watching Transformers just because he loves it and he keeps his patience while you shop and choose between two shades of pink! And bonus of taking interest in each other’s activities is that you both also get to spend good time together.


7 relationship goals

8. Have you held each other’s hand in the rollercoaster of life?

Life is never a bed full of roses, and it’s the same for every relationship. It is never only happy things because every relationship goes through a rough phase. But if you both have been able to hold each other in the rollercoaster journey of life, you both can conquer everything and anything in life. You never give up, rather, you both fight to make your relationship beautiful once again.

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9. Is everyone waiting for you both to get married?

*Touchwood*. You both look so cute together that everyone cannot wait to attend your wedding. Your wedding hashtags are ready and everyone looks forward for you both to tie the knot!


9 relationship goals

10. Have you both out grown the PDA phase?

Nobody likes a couple who is all over each other and goes crazy talking about their relationship on social media. If you’re truly strong, you don’t need any social media validation for your relationship. If you both are extremely close to each other, you would never need to brag, as your friends would do all the talking about it.

11. Have you both set an example?

You both have become an example through your love and respect for each other and this reflects in your actions. You don’t need to go explaining to people about the bond you share with one another.

11 relationship goals


If most of your answers were yes, congratulations, you’re the couple everyone’s looking up to! And if not, hey, you’ll probably get there soon as well!

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10 Oct 2016

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