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7 Reasons You NEED Some Time Just To Yourself

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016


Between working hard and partying harder, do you sometimes find yourself feeling lonely, like life’s passing by way too fast? Maybe it’s because you are trying to make the most of your twenty four hours, pushing yourself so hard that you skip out on any down time you have to be just by yourself.

Ladies, you are the most important person in your life and here’s a quick reminder for why you need to prioritize me-time!

1. To help you truly form your own opinions

We don’t realize how easily we start voicing other people’s opinions and parroting other people’s perspectives until we really listen to what’s going-on in our own minds. So every now and then, disconnect from the rest of the world, and sit down to figure out how you really feel about a given situation. After all, our thoughts and opinions are what make us who we are.

time to yourself 1

2. To take control of your life – rather than letting circumstances control you

If you don’t actively make choices, your circumstances will make those choices for you – that’s just how it works! And you’ll make better choices if you spend more time thinking about them. But remember to do this alone, don’t have someone always around to influence you. Be the driver of your own life, don’t just go with the flow!

time to yourself 2

3. To prioritize the things that actually matter

Between juggling work, family, friends, partners, most of us end up prioritizing only the things that seem important or urgent on a day to day basis. But we lose out on all those things that hold a lot more importance in the long run. So, take some time out to list out all the things that truly matter to you, things that have the potential to shape your entire life. Trust us, if you do this, you’ll have far fewer regrets later in life!

time to yourself 3

4. To hit reset!

Sometimes we spend weeks, months, years, going down the wrong path. In the everyday madness, we forget to sit back and think about whether we need to make a change – at work, or in our relationships.

time to yourself 4

5. To find solutions to most of life’s problems

Life’s problems rarely get solved while being surrounded by loads of people. Most of the time seeking advice from everyone will just end up confusing you. So, step back, and think through what’s really bothering you. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is work through it in solitude.

time to yourself 5

6. To learn to enjoy your own company!

The one person you’ll definitely be spending your life with is you! So you might as well learn to love hanging out with yourself, right! 😉 Take those quiet moments to celebrate the small everyday victories that only you really see, recognise and accept past mistakes, daydream about your future!

time to yourself 6

7. To experiment and grow!

Talk to yourself. Yes, we’re serious! Learn to become your biggest critic AND biggest cheerleader. We are not saying ignore what others have to say, but be confident enough to not get upset by every negative thing you hear. Push yourself to experiment, to try new things and strive to become the person you always aspired to be!

time to yourself 7

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