7 Reasons Why Sneaky Sex Is The Hottest Sex Ever

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Sep 13, 2017
7 Reasons Why Sneaky Sex Is The Hottest Sex Ever


Sneaky sex, much like everything else that is on done on the sly, is a tricky thing to pull off. But there’s something so thrilling about an unexpected quickie that you can’t really escape it either! It becomes your dirty little secret and who doesn’t want one of those, right?

The urgency to have your partner right there and then with the bare minimum performance pressure takes you on a different high altogether. And just to prove that fact a bit more, here are 7 reasons why you should be having sneaky sex right now!

1. The excitement of getting caught!

The thrill of getting caught is the number one reason sneaky sex is SO good. Be it the ‘carefully calculated’ position you choose or where you park your car – you always have one eye open to ‘check’ if someone’s watching!

That said, always always carry a packet of condoms (Rs 130)… because better safe than sorry!

1 sneaky sex - couple kissing

2. It’s more spontaneous

Sneaky sex is hardly ever planned and that’s what makes it better than the usual drinks-dinner-date night sex. You don’t have to create the mood, because you two just want to enjoy the moment and create a memory! A kinky memory, of course. And the best part? No candles, no sexy lingerie and no good looking sheets needed!

But make sure you’re wearing a good perfume like Cool Water by Davidoff. (Rs 1,755)

3. Quicker orgasms

Since the build up to sex is faster and you both are already so horny, it gets easier to reach climax, and happens sooner than you expect! We aren’t complaining!

That said, you can always wear a bra that’s easy to take off. Like this one with a front closing. (Rs 455)

3 sneaky sex - car make out

4. A great way to improve blood circulation

Fast sex will get your blood circulating like nothing else! Of all the ways that can help with proper blood circulation, sneaky sex is the most pleasant!

While we know you might not get time at the last hour, it doesn’t hurt to carry some mints (Rs 132) or a mouth freshener along (Rs 90), does it?

5. No inhibitions!

You don’t need to be worried about how you’re looking, whether your makeup is on point or not, and not even if you’re all smooth and waxed. With sneaky sex, it’s all about being impromptu and super horny!

But it doesn’t hurt to wear a hot button down shirt (Rs 1,099) to make things easier for him and you.

5 sneaky sex - selena gomez justin beiber

6. New, crazy positions!

Space constraints and definitely not having the comfort of a house or a bed gets your creative juices flowing. Be it in the car, on the slab of a changing room or in the pool, you’re going to have to try new positions without having an option. It’s a hot challenge you want to take again and again.

If you both have a kinky side that you love to show every now and then, no harm in sneaking a pair of handcuffs like these for the next time. (Rs 999)

7. It’s your dirty little secret!

Because you’re going to remember this forever and all those places where you’ve left your little ‘mark’ is going to be a secret just the two of you will be chuckling about. Well, unless you want to help your girlfriends by letting them know a few of your favourite ‘spots’.

Why not send him This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas (Rs 275). An erotica for interesting ideas for the next time!

7 sneaky sex - making out in elevator

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