best friends are better than boyfriends

15 Signs Your Girls Are Forever And Men Are Whatever! *Wink*

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

Haven’t you ever wondered that maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates? Of course, we love men, we can’t live with them and can’t live without them, but they’ll never be all the awesome things that a BFF is. We give you some valid reasons why your best friends are better than boyfriends. After all, your girls are forever and guys are whatever!

1. You can cuddle together without it being weird

Who said you needed a boyfriend for some cuddles?

1 best friends are better than boyfriends

2.  They understand you better than any man

Who better to understand your unexplainable mood swings, crazy ice cream cravings and sometimes-unreasonable tantrums than your girl pals?3. ‘Coz girls nights can be more fun than date nights

3. ‘Coz girls nights can be more fun than date nights

A night of drinking, dancing and laughing or just a fun sleepover can trump a fine-dining experience with any man. Plus, can you go on about how cute your brother’s friend is, on a date?!

3 best friends are better than boyfriends

4. You always have a plus one!

Been invited to a party but you don’t want to go alone? She’ll tag along just so you don’t have to make awkward small talk with strangers when you’re tired of standing alone.

5. You can do embarrassing things in front of them without worrying

You don’t feel like dying of shame if you accidentally burp (or fart) in front of them!

5 best friends are better than boyfriends

6. You can call/text her how many ever times you like in the day

And she won’t ever think you’re needy, or ask you for space.

7. She’ll never break up with you

Even your fights don’t last too long because you miss each other so much.

7 best friends are better than boyfriends

8. She’s more than willing to have dinner with your family!

While a boyfriend will have to be begged, cajoled and dragged to the table.

9. You can always share her clothes, shoes and makeup

Other than his hoodie, your boyfriend has nothing cute, like a new dress, to lend you!

9 best friends are better than boyfriends

10.  Your friends know every little thing about your sexual history

Face it, boyfriends don’t exactly get the entirely-honest version of it.

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11. You can send your besties ugly selfies!

Without putting ANY filter on it!

11 best friends are better than boyfriends

12. You never have to worry that they’re only interested in having sex with you

‘Coz there are so many guys like that.

13. Best friends will binge watch Gossip Girl and Sex and The City with you

Instead of mind-numbing action movies.

13 best friends are better than boyfriends

14. She never forgets important things

Like your birthday or anniversary. And she always knows the perfect gifts for you!

15. Best friends will never break your heart

Or leave you for some other girl! They’ll always be by your side and always have your back through thick and thin.

15 best friends are better than boyfriends

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Published on May 31, 2016
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