10 Naughty Sex Games To Try If You Like To Keep It Hot

10 Naughty Sex Games To Try If You Like To Keep It Hot

While Selena Gomez has made us believe that she is sick of the same old love, we believe that sex (no matter how old a couple gets) should never be ‘same’ or ‘old’. It’s easy to fall into the routine of a mundane sex life but we believe that there should always be something new happening in the bedroom to keep the spark alive between two people. If you’re looking for things to do to spice up your sex life, then here are 10 sexy games for couples you must totally try with him!

Sex Challenge 1. Tab the time

A lot of couples don’t really pay attention to foreplay and end up skipping it most times. Here is the trick, keep a timer on and make sure you’re only doing the foreplay during that time. Longer the better. For whatever interval you choose, tease him, kiss and cuddle. This gives both the partners enough time to spend during foreplay which is just great!

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Sex Challenge 2. Some cream and care!

By this sex game for couples we don’t mean you both play a game with lotions. We mean that once you guys are at it, apply some lotion on your boobs and massage him gently. The challenge here is to test his patience and make him WAIT. Let this be a game where he is resisting you. After all, it just gets better with time!

Sex Challenge 3. Blindfold, for all!

Blindfold has been the most popular kinky game ever and it always adds a lot of spice in the bedroom. Blindfold him and do anything and everything that comes to your mind. This not only builds anticipation between you both but also surprises him in ways he never even imagined!

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Sex Challenge 4. Play a role

Challenge each other for role play in bed in this sex game for couples. Ask him his favourite fantasy and how he wants to see you and dress up like that person. Don’t forget to tell him how you want to see *him* in bed. You could also try being a stranger at the bar and coming back home together. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s exciting!

Sex Challenge 5. Try some ice!

Kissing can get a bit boring after a while. We say, you spice it up with ice cubes. This is also one of the sex game for couples to rock a foreplay and make it twice as more exciting. Kiss him with an ice cube in your mouth. Pro tip: This technique can do wonders during oral sex! If you know what we mean?

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Sex Challenge 6. Watch an adult movie with him

Every couple will agree that an adult movie turns them on like nothing else does. You can actually watch an adult movie with him and while you’re at it, you can replicate the scenes in the movie! You know how much fun it will actually be to do something you see on the TV. Who knows, you might actually do it better? *Wink*

Sex Challenge 7. Board games for the win

We all grew up playing board games, right? How about we actually use them to do good things in bed? Play a strip poker or strip monopoly in bed and let the dice decide who strips and how much! For every point you win, you can actually ask him to do something super kinky just for you in this sex game for couples!

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Sex Challenge 8. Make your own sex position

Well, this may be hard but think about how much fun it’s going to be. Making your own position will actually be one of the best challenges two people will ever take in their lives. Put those awesome brains together and come up with a crazy position that will always come in handy!

Sex Challenge 9. Roll a dice!

You can actually custom create your own pair of dices with spots written on one and the act written on the other. Roll them and do what the dice says! You will always get something new out of this sex game for couples and it will be a super creative way of actually trying out new things in bed!

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Sex Challenge 10. Tie him and…

… Give him the best blowjob of his life! Tie his hands and let him be cringe in joy once you surprise his tool with a sloppy wet kiss and the touch of your tongue in this sex game for couples!

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