9 Things You ONLY Get If You’re A Maasi!

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
9 Things You ONLY Get If You’re A Maasi!

You’re the second person your sister excitedly calls and breaks the big news to when she realises she is pregnant… Right after she has lived the happy moment with her husband! And from that moment on, all your lives revolve around the baby who’s on it’s way. Here are 9 things you’ll get if you are a maasi


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1. When your sister is pregnant, you’re just as excited about the baby as the to-be-mom is…

You actually begin the countdown to that phone call that’ll tell you that the most awaited kid of the year has finally arrived, way before everyone else!

2. The first time you take the baby in your arms, you realise how tiny he/she really is…

Especially those cute little fingers and toes. You just can’t stop marvelling at his/her baby-ness!

being a maasi

3. But in just a few months, you find that the baby has grown SO much!

The bundled newborn has magically grown into a super naughty toddler – whose only interest in life is to copy every adult around him/her!

4. Your social media is flooded with photos of him/her!

You really can’t stop yourself from capturing every new thing he/she learns. Everything the little baby does is just too adorable to miss!

being a maasi

5. You keep trying to teach him/her to call you maasi

But he only spurts saliva and makes gibberish baby noises at you.

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6. You look forward to visiting your sister all the time – because you know your nephew or niece will be there to play with!

And until now, you never really knew that playing silly games with kids could be so much fun.

being a maasi

7. That kid has also made you aware of all those dormant motherly instincts you apparently do have!

‘Coz until your nephew or niece came into the world – kids were just crying, annoying, semi-human beings to you!

8. You absolutely love to spoil him/her with gifts…

And every time you go travelling or shopping, you end up liking and picking up more things for your niece/nephew than you do for yourself!

being a maasi

9. He is your favourite kid in the world…

And you love your role as a maasi too. It’s like you have a happy baby to play with – and every time he/she starts crying, just ask the mother to step in! 😀 😛

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