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15 Super Cute Gifts For Your Newborn Niece!

15 Super Cute Gifts For Your Newborn Niece!

As maasis we have tons of responsibilities when it comes to our cute little nieces. One of them is to always always pamper them with gifts. And when do we begin? From the day they are born, of course! So that when she actually grows up into a beauty she will always remember her sassy maasi and her awesome gifts! Here are 15 gifts for your newborn niece that she will love… Even though she can’t understand them yet!

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15 Gifts Ideas For Your Newborn Niece

1. A Baby Eau De Cologne

1 gifts for your newborn niece

Well, why should your little niece wait till she is older to smell like a #GirlBoss? This fancy baby cologne is just the thing to keep her smelling great without any parabens or dyes so that her sensitive skin stays just as healthy as it is now!

Brand: Chicco

Price: Rs 420. Buy it here

2. Musical Toys!

2 gifts for your newborn niece

These wobbly dolls are just perfect to keep your niece excited and curious! They play a soft musical tone and nod their head when pushed gently!

Brand: Huile Toys

Price: Rs 269. Buy it here

3. Flowery Bodysuits

3 gifts for your newborn niece

This set of floral bodysuits is super cute and just so…pink! It is exactly what you want to see that angel of yours sleep in! And you get two of them together!

Brand: Mothercare

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here

4. Rabbit Booties

4 gifts for your newborn niece

Here is something orange and adorable to keep her feet warm and snug until she finally outgrows them!

Brand: Neska Moda

Price: Rs 179. Buy it here

5. Her Very Own Kung Fu Panda

5 gifts for your newborn niece

You do want to give her a personal dragon warrior, don’t you? Or a version of it to snuggle with at least! And is there anything more snuggly than a big ol’ panda?

Brand: Toyland

Price: Rs 245. Buy it here

6. Shorts For The Summer

6 gifts for your newborn niece

A pair of two very subtle coloured and summer-y shorts so she can look like a delightful darling… ALWAYS!

Brand: Gini & Jony

Price: Rs 339. Buy it here

7. A Sassy T-shirt

7 gifts for your newborn niece

Just because she is an infant does not mean she can’t have her sass on just like her maasi! Here’s one such T-shirt for your little style queen!

Brand: Gini & Jony

Price: Rs 279. Buy it here

8. Sweet Dreams!

8 gifts for your newborn niece

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This pretty little mattress does not just keep out any sort of mosquitoes and protect your niece but also allows light air to breeze in and give her a good night’s sleep.

Brand: Amardeep and Co.

Price: Rs 407. Buy it here

9. Wall Decal

9 gifts for your newborn niece

Now when your niece opens her eyes, don’t you want her to see the prettiest things instead of just a wall? This wall decal is perfect for her little nursery!

Brand: Oren Empower

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here

10. Say No To Rashes!

10 gifts for your newborn niece

If you’d rather start off your niece’s life with cloth diapers instead of the plastic ones which tend to cause rashes and irritation, then this is what you need! You can just re-use this diaper which comes with a bamboo insert - this keeps it both the environment and the baby friendly!

Brand: Bumberry

Price: Rs 532. Buy it here

11. Wrap Her Up!

11 gifts for your newborn niece

These three piece set of wrapping sheets cum blankets is not just adorable but also provides comfortable and proper covering for the baby’s head and body!

Brand: Brandonn

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here

12. Kissing Emoji Pillow

12 gifts for your newborn niece

Here is a little pillow that not only is soft, shows your niece how much you love her but will also serve as the beginning of her pop culture education for the future!

Brand: Skylofts

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here

13. Head And Neck Support Pillow

13 gifts for your newborn niece

Here’s a super cute neck pillow that’ll make your niece feel comfortable when she travels for the first time. The headrest is designed in a way that your darling baby will doze off the moment she places her head on it! Trust us, that will be a relief sometimes!

Brand: Baby Station

Price: Rs 625. Buy it here

14. Animal Bath Toys

14 gifts for your newborn niece

Babies often don’t enjoy taking baths so here’s a way to make it fun for your niece. These cute little animal bath toys will make her happy. She can play with them and you can give her a bath without making her cry.

Brand: BroadFashion

Price: Rs 285. Buy it here

15. A Bath Kit!

15 gifts for your newborn niece

Giving a bath to your little angel was never as great as it'll be with Mee Mee products. We’ve got travel size bottles perfect for when you’re on the move for a shampoo, lotion, oil, bubble bath and powder!

Brand: Mee Mee

Price: Rs 420. Buy it here

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This story was updated in January 2019.

Published on Jan 3, 2019
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