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15 Times I Really Want To Hug My Boyfriend… He’s Just So Sweet!

15 Times I Really Want To Hug My Boyfriend… He’s Just So Sweet!

Every guy (no matter how macho!) has a sensitive streak. Yes, it’s true! A side that’s extremely adorable and only a handful ever get to see. Here are 15 sweet instances that will make you want to hug your boyfriend ASAP!

1. When he randomly calls you up just because he misses the sound of your voice.


1 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

2. When he surprises you by picking up those gorgeous pair of shoes just because he once saw you eyeing them.

He’ll do anything to bring a smile on that pretty face of yours.

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3. When he sends you a cute good morning text message.

Did you know that you’re the first person he thought of while waking up? You’re special!

3 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

4. When he makes breakfast in bed for you or cooks a romantic dinner.

Boyfriend cooking something makes it seem yummier anyway!

5. When he gets protective about you when you’re walking with him on the street.

And if anything/anyone touches you that’ll be the end of them!

5 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

6. When he gets ready very quietly in morning because he doesn’t want to disturb you.

A girl needs her beauty sleep after all.

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7. When he puts a blanket over you and tucks you into bed without waking you up.

Cuteness level 100!

7 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

8. When he makes an attempt to fit in with your family and closest friends.

Because they will one day become his family and friends too.

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9. When he gives you a massage because he knows you’ve had a long, tiring day at work.

He really knows how to hit the right spots. 😉

9 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

10. When he makes spontaneous plans because he wants to spend the entire day with you.

Lunch+movie+long drive = super romantic.

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11. When he helps you carry your stuff even though your hands aren’t really full.

He would do anything for you. <3

11 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

12. When he gets out of his car and opens the door for you…

Such a gentleman he is!

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13. When he addresses you as his girlfriend in front of everyone he knows.

If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is!

13 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

14. When he helps you shop for the perfect outfit without complaining.

Because your happiness is his happiness too.

15. When he drops you and waits till you reach your doorstep safely.

Mega AWWW!

15 Reasons to hug your boyfriend

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23 May 2016

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