Wedding Gift Ideas For Bride – The Ultimate Guide Of Gifting Ideas For Every Type Of Bride And For Every Budget!

Anannya ChatterjeeAnannya Chatterjee  |  Oct 5, 2017
Wedding Gift Ideas For Bride – The Ultimate Guide Of Gifting Ideas For Every Type Of Bride And For Every Budget!

A wedding is a happy occasion and what makes the bride happier is her wedding gifts. However, wedding gifts can get a little tricky, especially when it comes to the bride. Moreso if the bride is someone close to you. You’ve got to make sure that the gift is something she’ll like and use and it also needs to fit in your budget. Whether you are her sister, bestie or colleague, here are some amazing gift ideas that’ll make your job a lot easier. From gifts to complement the bride’s personality to budget and extravagant gifts, we have it all.

Gift For Every Bride

According To Your Relation With Bride

Bridal Gifts For Every Budget

Gift Ideas For Every Bride:

Every wedding is different and so is every bride. While some don’t settle for anything less than a princess wedding, some like to stick to their budget. There are brides who want to go all Bollywood while some prefer intimate affairs. Depending on the bride’s personality, you can pick a gift that she’ll like. So here goes…

Wedding Gift Idea For The Extremely Particular Bride

Let’s start with the extremely choosy brides – those who are quite picky and particular about things they like. Thinking of wedding gifts for such brides can be a tad bit difficult and tricky. And whenever you’re faced with such a situation, gift cards are they way to go. You can buy gift cards ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000, put them in an attractive gift box and leave a note for the couple. Buy a gift card from a store that houses a variety of items from clothing to home decor and cosmetics so the bride has enough choice.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Foodie Bride


If a foodie bride is what you’re dealing with, then trust me, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. It’s so easy to buy a gift for people who love food! From dinner vouchers at a fine-dining restaurant to a goody basket with all her fave knick-knacks or even baking lessons, you have a ton of options. You can even gift her fancy cutlery or a cooking device she always wanted.

Buy this Wonderchef Belgian Waffle Maker with Oil Brush on Amazon for Rs 2580.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Homemaker Bride

For the homemaker, the home is the first priority and when a girl gets married and moves to a new house, she has a lot of work to do! And you have so many gifting options for this girl. From artistic showpieces to wall art, trendy lamps, home furnishings or maybe kitchen equipment, there’s a lot to choose from.

Help her do up her home with the Gold Iron Table Lamp by The Brighter Side, available on Pepperfry for Rs 2,699.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Emotional bride

Some people are naturally more emotional than others and value thoughtful gifts more than the materialistic ones. The perfect gift for such a bride would be a frame of vows or a frame of pictures which will take her on a nostalgia trip. Or maybe a video of all that went into her wedding preparations. You could even get her close friends and family members to record some anecdotes from her childhood.

Buy this beautiful Sepia Solid Photo Frame Set on Home Centre for Rs 699.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Fashion Conscious Bride

If your office bestie reminds you of Alia Bhatt from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, then you’ve got to make sure that her wedding gift is something she can wear and proudly flaunt. Fret not, we know how to match up with the trendy and fashion conscious bride and there’s a lot you can choose from.

For instance, you can buy her a pair of designer earrings or danglers. You can even gift her beach essentials such as a personalised robe, flip-flops and a bikini. Or if your budget allows, get her a box of accessories keeping her personal sense of style in mind. She’s going to love it!

Buy this elegant pair of Celestial Knot Stud Earrings on Caratlane for Rs 16,479.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Fitness Freak Bride


The fitness freak wants nothing more than gym wear essentials as a gift. Think branded and high-quality workout gear, membership to a fitness programme or a dance class or even fitness equipment she can carry for mini workouts during the honeymoon. A personalised yoga mat for the bride and groom is also a great idea! Post the wedding a bride needs to get her sweat on and release all the stress and strain her body has gone through. She’ll love you for this gift!

Buy this light grey Zelocity B-yond Skin Fit Training Legging on Zivame for Rs 998.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Travel Enthusiast Bride

For a bride who is passionate about travelling and loves to explore, we have just the perfect gift ideas for you. Since she travels often, how about you get her a nice travel bag complete with a quirky name tag and a passport holder. Apart from the essentials, you can even look at gifting her travel-sized cosmetics. A travel junkie bride will absolutely love it.

This cute multicolour Nutcase Passport Cover is something just made for the travel enthusiast bride. It available for just Rs 599 on Amazon.

Wedding Gift Idea For The Bibliophile Bride

As the name itself suggests, for a bride who loves a good read all you need to find out is the genre of books to read that she loves, and you are sorted. Even if you’re not able to find out the genre, considering she’s getting married, you can get her an eternal love story. Leave a congratulatory note and that’s about it!

If you are lucky enough to know the genre she prefers, go ahead and get her a series of her preferred books. If you don’t want to gift her books, you can also go for items like floating bookshelves and quirky bookends.

How about this stunning piece of Kurosu Medium Book Shelf in Dark Brown Finish by Mintwud for the booklover bride? You can buy it for Rs 13,124 on Pepperfry.

Gifts According To Your Relationship With The Bride:

Brother Of The Bride – Gift Ideas For Sister’s Wedding

You have been with your sister from childhood and she expects a very special gift from her brother on her big day. What’s better than making it a customized gift with a short message written for your sister? How about a personal scrapbook full of sweet childhood memories of the two of you? This is probably one of the sweetest wedding gifts to sister from her brother. You can always buy her that precious necklace or gift her a weekend getaway but a thoughtful gift like this is what she’ll cherish forever.

Assort all your childhood memories for your adorable sister in this Generic Vintage Pu Leather Photo Album Memo Book Diy Scrapbook With A Heart. You can buy it on Amazon for just Rs 1952.

Sister Of The Bride


You know they say that a sister is the best gift one could ever have. And we couldn’t agree more. As sisters, you’ve both made beautiful memories all through the journey from kindergarten to adulthood and no day will ever top her wedding day. Not to mention, nobody would know it better than you, that how exhausting it’s going to be for her after the week long festivities. How about you gift her a luxe spa session? If you’re feeling generous, you can gift her a spa membership for a year!

Nothing gets more relaxing than a spa session. Gift your loving sister an O2 Spa Gift Card available on Amazon for Rs 2000 only.

BFF Of The Bride – Gift Ideas For Best Friend’s Wedding

You know all her deep dark secrets and they are safe with you. Not just that, you guys know your wildest fantasies better than your partner ever will. Thanks to those pyjama parties and dead-drunk nights! And it’s time to give wings to all those wild fantasies of her. The best wedding gift for your best friend would be a super sexy baby doll with a pair of fur handcuffs to spice up her wedding night. You could even add to it a naughty card game! Just make sure you stamp on a disclaimer on the wrapping paper that says, ‘Open when alone!’.  

How sexy is this Womens Halter Neck Solid Baby Doll Dress with Thongs for just Rs 449 on Shoppers Stop? Can there be a better gift than this for your best friend to spice up things on her wedding night?!

Mother of the bride – Gift Ideas for Daughter

Your bride-to-be daughter does not need a gift from you. You’re organising the wedding of her dreams and you’ve already gifted her all those sarees and jewellery. For your special mom to daughter gift, keep it simple and heartfelt. Write her a poem or pour down your memories in a letter. Prepare a surprise dance performance on her sangeet or give a speech at the reception. You could even make a donation on her name or if you prefer to give her a physical gift, pass on that heirloom jewellery she’s always dreamt of wearing or one of your old classic sarees that she’s always looked at with amazement. A secret recipe may also be a great idea!

Father Of The Bride

A daughter holds the most special place for her father, and the bond they share can’t be expressed in words. Fathers believe in good old vintage stuff and love to pass on a few assets to their loving daughters. A vintage watch would be the best gift for your daughter. You could even dig deep and find her childhood photos or videos and make a compilation for her. Just like we suggested for the mother of the bride, a wedding speech is also a great idea to let her know how much you love her.  

Would-Be-Husband Of The Bride – (Gift Ideas For Would-Be-Wife)


Let’s talk about the main man now, the would-be-husband of the bride! Now we get it how your lady love has already been showered with outfits and jewellery and it’s hard to think of a gift that’ll stand out amongst it all. So one, you could organize a public proposal if you haven’t already done that. Two, arrange for a one-night stay at a super luxurious property during your honeymoon or three, buy her a vintage jewellery piece that she’ll actually be able to wear.

She’s that special one for you, and so her gift needs to be extra special too. Buy this gorgeous Revatee Solitaire Diamond Ring for Rs 74,731 on Caratlane.

The Favourite Aunt Of The Bride

If you’re the maasi or the chachi or the bua to the bride or if you’re that one aunt the bride always turns to for advice, you need to make sure that your wedding gift to her is not just another envelope filled with money. A nice gift would be something for her new home, but not the basic kitchen appliance or a painting! We know you know the bride better than that. So, find out her style and gift her an item that she’ll like. A vintage mirror for her room or a quirky chair for her living room or maybe a collection of home furnishings from her favourite store.

Buy this vintage Alma Rectangular Wall Mirror in Solid Wood Frame by Shagun Arts available on Pepperfry for Rs 6,639.

Bridal Gifts For Every Budget:

Weddings are an expensive affair, not just for the bride and the groom but also for the people who need to celebrate their big day and buy gifts for them. Gifts are nothing but a gesture and a token of love to show the bride that you care and wish her all the best things in her new life. However, it depends from person to person on how much do they really wish to spend on the gifts. While some don’t mind spending a fortune and are happy to buy expensive items, others may prefer to stick to a budget. And it’s not a bad idea at all! As far as the gift is useful and you’ve put thought into it, it’s fine. Here we are with some amazing gift options for every budget. Check them out:

Turkish Towel

Now that’s not an ordinary towel at all. Turkish towels are world famous and for all the right reasons. Turkish towels are made up of premium quality Turkish cotton with extra long fibres which become softer, fluffier, and more absorbent over time. Newlyweds love a fab new addition to their home and you could even combine these luxurious towels with a bath gift set.

Buy this combo pack of Sathiyas Supreme Turkish Cotton Bath Towel for Rs 339 on Amazon.

Bridal Clutch


This may sound like a done to death concept, but a dressy clutch is a super useful gift for the bride. Her trousseau outfits need complementing accessories and a classic silver or gold clutch always comes in handy. Based on your budget, you can choose from a high-end to a basic brand. Leave a congratulatory note inside or a little keepsake to wish the couple good luck.

Buy this beautiful Pastel Colour Wedding Clutch available on Amazon for Rs 999.

Beauty Box

Who doesn’t love beauty products as gifts? If you know the bride’s preferred brands then you don’t need to look further. Prepare a box with essentials such as a kajal pencil, lipstick, mascara and nail enamels and stick to neutral shades. If you do not know her faves, throw in a few basic cosmetics along with bath and body products such as shower scrubs and body butter. Add in a loofah, some scented candles, bath bubbles and there it is, a gift she’ll love!

Get this Forest Essential selection of facial care products in deep peach and khaki for Rs 1425 here.

Go Green With Plants – Eco-friendly Gift Ideas

This is something very unique and an out of the box idea to be considered as a gift for the bride. A potted plant such as tulsi is considered auspicious and a very thoughtful gift to give a newlywed. You can also think about a gift pack with mini herb plants or a pack of seeds that the couple can grow together.

Get fresh climbers and creepers on Nurserylive for Rs 1111.

A Date Night For The Couple


Sounds pretty exciting, no?  This would be the best gift for a couple. You get to plan a sweet little surprise and set up a dinner date for the bride and her husband. The restaurant you buy the gift card for depends on your budget. A cozy corner, a terrace garden or a beachside property, make sure the setting is romantic and the validity is for a good 6-months. You can even call the restaurant if you know the date of the visit and ask them to arrange for a guitarist or a bottle of champagne for the newlyweds.

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