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Quarantine Dye Gone Wrong? Here’s How To Fix Every At-Home Hair Colour Problem

Quarantine Dye Gone Wrong? Here’s How To Fix Every At-Home Hair Colour Problem




We’ve all considered doing something dramatic with our hair during the lockdown. Some people have given themselves bangs, others have trimmed their hair short and the most daring out of the lot have dyed their hair themselves. However, I’ve got to say if you’ve made it this far in life and not had a hair disaster, then you’re super lucky! 

So, today we’re talking to all of you who have managed to change their hair colour themselves. If you’ve had a 3 AM quarantine dye experience and aren’t happy with the result, we’re here to help you out. 


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Don’t Panic, Take A Deep Breath And Here’s What To Do


Post the screaming and crying, just relax, look at yourself in the mirror and know that we’re going to help you fix it.

If you left your colour on for too long


If you were too busy binge-watching a Netflix show and lost track of time, there are chances that there could be an extra deposit of colour in your hair. This could happen if you’re putting on bleach or a colour on top of the bleach.

Use a clarifying shampoo like Head & Shoulders for the next few washes, it’ll help to strip out the colour quicker. You can even mix the shampoo with some conditioner for best results. 


If your hair looks way too orange for your liking

There are chances that you were experimenting with some bold colours and your hair now looks super brassy. The easiest way to fix that is by using colour correction techniques. Orange is on the opposite spectrum of blue and violet so using a shampoo with those tones will help make your hair look a little more neutral. Don’t just wash your hair, keep the shampoo on as a conditioner for 10-15 mins and then rinse off.

If your colour looks patchy


A lot of times even when you read the instructions carefully and follow them to the T, things can go wrong. Sometimes people notice that their roots are a shade lighter than their ends which looks strangely like a reverse balayage. The reason is that the heat from your scalp gives extra energy to the processing of hair colour, which makes the colour take one shade lighter at the roots.

You can simply dye only the top half of your hair with a shade darker but make sure the undertones match. To prevent it from happening again, just make sure you apply hair colour on your ends before getting to your roots.


If your eyebrows and hair look completely different


Of course, if you want to rock bleached hair with brown eyebrows, you do you but the general rule is that brows look best one to two shades darker than your hair colour. If your eyebrows and hair don’t match just try applying some brow powder or gel to your roots and they’ll look tinted enough to go well together.


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If your hair feels really dry and rough

There is only one thing that will solve your problem: deep conditioning. Use hair masks if you don’t want to go to the salon or else DIY hair masks are always there to save the day. Mix curd, egg white, lemon, and honey and put it on your hair at least once a week for silky, soft hair.

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If you stained your sink


Of course, you aren’t a professional and at-home hair dye jobs can be messy. If you’ve dirtied the bathroom and your sink, the best thing to do it put some bleaching agent all over and let it sit for 15 mins before rinsing. 


If you just don’t like your hair colour

Don’t make an impulsive decision and apply another colour over it. Chances are you might damage it further. Speak to a colourist if you can and they’ll be able to give you a solution. You can try using colour removers to gently remove unwanted pigment. For a temporary fix, you can use tinted dry shampoo too. 

So you see ladies, there’s a solution to every problem. All set to colour your hair at home then?!

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13 Jul 2020

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