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#GoingSolo: 10 Problems Only a Woman Living Alone Can Understand

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  May 6, 2016

Most people think that living alone is the coolest thing ever. And it is, in many, many ways. But there are some problems that only a woman living alone can understand. Because, folks, as awesome as it is, it isn’t always convenient. We bring you our top picks of the challenges faced by a Queen of the Kingdom of One!

1. The Zipper Issue

A.k.a. the “How on earth do I do up this dress/blouse?” problem. Since our arms don’t bend backwards, we have, at least once in our life, had to leave the house, modesty protected by a stole/pallu, and been zipped/buttoned up by kindly souls upon reaching our destination. Even in the case of a side zip, we have at least one mutilated too-snug outfit from which the only avenue of rescue has been a handy pair of scissors.

woman living alone 1

2. The Importance of Being Able to Handle Your Alcohol

It’s always important to be able to hold your drink, but never more than when you are a woman living alone. Because no matter how many of your friends are around while you’re getting drunk, there’s going to be no one holding your hair back from your face once you’re back home and hugging your commode.

woman living alone 2

3. Being a Bit of a Buzz-Killer

Not only do you have to remember to party in moderation, but you also tend to become a bit of a buzz-killer because you either: a) leave early so you can get home safe by yourself; or b) make someone else leave earlier than they would have liked to because you need to be dropped back; or c) have to ask someone to host you for the night.

woman living alone 3

4. The Plus One Problem

Whether you’re invited to a colleague’s wedding or dinner at a friend’s house, you’re always faced with the dilemma of whom to ask to go with you. You end up going alone to most places, but you wish, just sometimes, that you could take someone with you – even if it’s your flatmate – just so you have some company on the way to and back from the venue.

woman living alone 4

5. The Misery of Being Ill

It’s just awful. Because you’re sick and alone and depressed, and it feels like nobody – absolutely nobody – loves you. The road to recovery, as you try to keep yourself healthy and fed, is a lonely one.

woman living alone 5

6. The Overwhelming Role of the Internet (and TV) in Your Life

No one feels the pain and outrage of a malfunctioning WiFi like a woman living alone. You’re suddenly cut off from the rest of the world. And God forbid that you don’t even have Criminal Minds keeping you company when it’s one of those evenings when you’re tired and cranky and just want to laze on the couch.

woman living alone 6

7. Occasionally Forgetting How to Talk to Others

Because you have absolutely no one to share the daily grind of just living life with, you suddenly find yourself unburdening your soul about man troubles, plumbing problems, work woes to anyone who’s made the mistake of asking you “How are you?” And it doesn’t matter if it’s your bestie you’re talking to or your boss.

woman living alone 1

8. An Intense Relationship with Your Neighbourhood Grocer

You are what you eat – and he knows what you eat. He gets you. Like no one else does.

woman living alone 8

9. A Night Suit? What’s That?

When you live by yourself, there is no pressure to dress up at home. In fact, there is no pressure to get dressed at all. A proper night suit is not something you buy. Except if you have to travel. In which case, it’s frantic-dash-to-the-mall time.

woman living alone 9

10. The Frightening Thought of Ever Living with Anyone Else

It’s challenging, and sometimes it’s lonely. But you’re so used to your own space, and not having to answer to anyone, that the thought of having to adapt and adjust to living with someone else again – whether it’s your family or a partner or a flatmate – is positively frightening.

woman living alone 10

Because, at the end of the day, you like doing your own thing, and the independence of living your life just the way you want!

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