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Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl & Vidooly Join Hands To Form ‘The Good Creator Co’, India’s Largest Creator Ecosystem

Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl & Vidooly Join Hands To Form ‘The Good Creator Co’, India’s Largest Creator Ecosystem

The new year has started with a bang and some exciting announcements! India’s leading influencer management, marketing and analytics platforms Plixxo, MissMalini, Winkl and Vidooly have come together as the Good Creator Co (GCC), India’s largest creator ecosystem. This announcement also unveils the recent acquisitions of Winkl and Vidooly by the Good Glamm Group. Both companies are now part of the Good Creator Co.

Enthusiastic about this new development, Priyanka Gill,  Co-founder, Good Glamm Group and Founder & CEO, Plixxo, says, “As the Good Glamm Group, we have always believed that content and creators coming together with commerce is the future for direct-to-consumer brands. With this in mind, we partnered with the best creator companies and welcomed MissMalini, Winkl, Vidooly and Plixxo to the Good Glamm family. Today we are proud to announce the formation of the Good Creator Co – India’s largest creator ecosystem empowering millions of creators to scale up and be financially independent as well as offer the easiest solution for brands to work with creators at scale.”

The Good Creator Co is co-founded by Malini Agarwal, Nowshad Rizwanullah & Mike Melli (from MissMalini Entertainment), Rahul Singh & Nikhil Kumar (from Winkl) and Subrat Kar, Nishant Radia & Ajay Mishra (from Vidooly). Their vision is to create a full-stack, global creator ecosystem providing cutting-edge technology and solutions to influencers and brands.

The Good Creator Co. comprises India’s top influencer marketing platforms—Plixxo & Winkl, which have 250,000 influencers and a combined reach of 70+ million users every month. Vidooly is one of the world’s leading content and creator analytics companies while MissMalini is a popular celebrity and macro-influencers talent management and creative agency.  With the combined influencer reach and capabilities of all four companies, the Good Creator Co. aims to become a powerhouse unified with and backed by a highly scalable technology platform.

So how will this benefit influencers? The Good Creator Co. will offer content creators and influencers access to the best brand campaigns and monitisation opportunities. They will also leverage affiliate and creator commerce programmes and celebrity talent management services. Through the Good Creator Co app, influencers can showcase their work, network, gain access to cutting edge resources and masterclasses with GCC’s powerful database.

What’s in it for brands? The Good Creator Co. offers full stack influencer marketing and services solutions to India’s leading consumer brands and media agencies. These solutions are backed by data, technology, and influencer and content expertise to create meaningful campaigns with measurable ROI. It will provide brands access to detailed content and creator data analytics, and a brand-to-creator collaboration platforms. It will also provide them with innovative content creation solutions for OTT and movie production opportunities and more. 

The Good Creator Co. currently has a Rs 75cr revenue run rate and is targeting a Rs 250cr revenue run rate by December 2022. GCC has raised Rs 200cr seed capital from the Good Glamm Group and will use those funds to further build out its technology platform, and acquire and invest in complementary influencer companies and technology solutions. GCC will function independently and will look to raise further rounds of capital from external investors. 

Sharing her excitement, Malini Agarwal, Co-Founder, Good Creator Co. and Founder, MissMalini Entertainment, says, “I am super thrilled to become a Co-founder at Good Creator Co! Being a first-mover in the influencer industry as “MissMalini” this is a huge opportunity to give back to the creator community through dream projects like the Creator Academy, Creator House, Creator Studio, and elevated events, experiences and so much more. We look forward to joining forces with Plixxo, Winkl and Vidooly to form India’s leading Influencer ecosystem!”

Echoing Malini’s sentiment, Rahul Singh, Co-Founder, Good Creator Co. and Co-Founder & CEO, Winkl, says, “We’re excited to join hands with the Good Glamm Group to form the Good Creator Co, to build the largest creator ecosystem in India. To make this happen, we are leveraging our expertise in product & technology at scale to bring creators across niches, categories and audience sizes on a single platform.” He adds, “This aligns perfectly with Winkl’s original vision of empowering millions of creators to become large brands in themselves and helping them become financially independent, and the formation of The Good Creator Co is the perfect home to bring our vision to life.”

Thrilled about this new venture, Nishant Radia, Co-Founder, Good Creator Co. and Co-Founder & CMO, Vidooly, says, “In today’s world, data alone doesn’t do it. It’s the journey of translating data into information into insights into knowledge. This partnership will address a lot of pain points in the online video & influencer marketing space, related to performance and KPIs. We are thrilled to join the Good Creator Co. Vidooly’s actionable insights clubbed with the network and reach of our fellow GCC companies should revolutionise the budding creator economy in the country.”

This is a very exciting development for all of us at the Good Glamm Group, and we thank our Glamm fam for their support on this journey. We’re so thrilled to see how the Good Creator Group scales new heights, and wish them all the best!

05 Jan 2022

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