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A Single Mom At 21, Roshni Found Her Fairytale Romance When She Least Expected It!

A Single Mom At 21, Roshni Found Her Fairytale Romance When She Least Expected It!

True love conquers all and there are some love stories that actually make you believe in the saying. We recently came across the wedding story of how Plixxo Influencer Roshni Bhatia married her soulmate and it is beautiful beyond words.

Talking to Humans Of Bombay, Roshni revealed how she was struggling to come out of an abusive marriage while being a single mother at the age of 21 to her son Arjun. Roshni was raised by her grandparents and was married off very early because of financial instability. Her husband treated her like an object and wanted her to wear makeup even while sleeping as he found her unattractive. While she was suffering every day, she decided to do something when she got to know about the pregnancy. Roshni didn’t want to raise her child in such an environment and mustered up the courage to leave her husband.


She met Piyush Sethi at work and love came into her life when she least expected it. Even though Piyush and Roshni worked in the same company, they barely met. “Once, at a coffee meet with colleagues, Piyush was there too. We got to chatting & simply couldn’t stop. We talked for hours & I swear, everything in my life was falling apart–but after long, I felt like things were okay”, she said.

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This comfort came at a time when she was scrambling to provide for her son & fighting a custody battle. Roshni and Piyush started texting every day and he would come to see her after work even if it was just for 10 minutes. Roshni opened up to him, and in no time, they fell for each other.


Just a week into their relationship, Piyush asked Roshni to marry him. Roshni was shocked as she had a son and a divorce case with no end in sight. So, she introduced Piyush to his son Arjun and they instantly warmed up to each other. “While most couples went on dates, we spent all our time with Arjun. He treated Arjun like a son–he taught him to ride a bike, picked him up from school & cheered him on at Sports day”, Roshni shared. 



Piyush was Roshni’s support system as he was by her side through all her court and lawyer sessions while she struggled with her divorce case. 

Roshni also shared that his son would often ask her about why she is not marrying Piyush as he wanted to call him ‘papa’. But Roshni knew that it won’t be easy. Piyush’s parents were not comfortable with the fact that he wanted to marry a divorced, single mother when he was just 23. 

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But it didn’t take long for them to accept their relationship. Five years later when Roshni won Arjun’s custody, she was all set to declare her love for Piyush and tell the world that they belonged to each other. 

Isn’t that wonderful?


And finally, Piyush and Roshni tied the knot in 2017 in an intimate ceremony. “I’m just happy I never lost hope in love & marriage–from being divorced at 21 to finding a man who loved my son as his own…who would’ve thought? But more than me, Arjun was over the moon”, said Roshni. The day after the wedding when Piyush went to pick up Arjun from school, he couldn’t stop shouting, ‘MY PAPA IS HERE!’


Such a heartwarming story, isn’t it? Wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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28 Apr 2020

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