This Photographer Bride Shot Her Own Pre-Wedding Pictures And They Are *Stunning*

Manvi MalhotraManvi Malhotra  |  Sep 22, 2017
This Photographer Bride Shot Her Own Pre-Wedding Pictures And They Are *Stunning*


A photographer sure is at the heart of a wedding celebration. They help in capturing the untold emotions and all the candid moments that become priceless treasures of life! But have you ever wondered who shoots wedding photographs for them? Do they get all critical? Do they look as great in front as they are behind the camera? What if they decide to shoot their own wedding? Here’s what happened when photographer Priyanka Kamboj decided to shoot her own pre-wedding pictures.

pre wedding pictures romantic couple

Priyanka Kamboj, a wedding photographer with Design Aqua is getting married on the 5th of October this year. She wanted to do something fun before her big day. And she surely did, when she decided on calling the shots (quite literally!) for her pre- wedding photoshoot.

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We know you are itching to know about how she shot the pictures. But first, let’s get to know about their love story. Priyanka has been in the photography industry for over a decade and her fiance, Suraj, is a law graduate, who currently handles his family business. She shares, “We met 14 years ago at a friend’s New Year party and the rest, as they say, is history! We are complete opposites; I am the fun one while he’s calmer. I am a bit crazy while he is much more responsible! In a way, we balance each other beautifully! But we do share our love for travel and can’t wait to travel the world as husband and wife!

pre wedding pictures lovely couple cute! Coming back to the Goa shoot, Priyanka told us that she did not have any plans of having a pre-wedding shoot until she decided on doing it herself! She explains, “I wanted to enjoy my pre-wedding shoot and not go blasé on fancy clothes. I did wear a gown for one of the looks, but the rest of the pre-wedding involved having fun at the beach, doing crazy things, running around, getting away from the rains, (it rained all day!) it was all great. We set up the equipment and started clicking. Of course, I did have my co-photographer helping me out on this. Sometimes I even made Suraj set the camera on the tripod and fix the frame so that I could run towards him for a candid capture! The process was difficult but we had so much fun, that our co-photographers surely had to run around to assess us!!”

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We are so stunned by her crazy pre-wedding shoot idea. Hats off to her for doing something so wacky AND making it look as good as it does!