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Move Over Pink & Yellow, This Blue Persian-Themed Mehendi Decor Is Totally Slaying It!

Move Over Pink & Yellow, This Blue Persian-Themed Mehendi Decor Is Totally Slaying It!

We have said this before, and we’re saying it again – cliche is out of trend when it comes to weddings. Be it fashion, make-up or even the decor, being different and unique is what most couples strive for during their weddings. Couples are now moving away from the regular, mushy pre- wedding photoshoots and are opting for more natural looking pictures which also showcase their real personality. This Persian themed mehendi is a true example of it. It is a refreshing change from all the yellow, orange and pink themed mehendi decors we have seen in a long time now!

 1 persian themed mehendi the couple

Chirag and Nikita, a Mumbai-based couple got married in a grand destination wedding in Udaipur. But that’s not what we are fangirling over right now.  It their super cool mehendi decor that caught our eye! The beautiful arrangement mixed Persian aesthetics with a hint of Rajasthani culture, that was beautifully done by The Wedding Designers.

persian themed mehendi venue decor blue

persian themed mehendi venue floral decor

They decorated the mehendi venue in cool shades of aquamarine, rose pink and white. There were a lot of other pretty details too, but instead of simply telling you about them, showing them would be more rewarding!

Move over fancy furniture, Nikki and Chiggy’s mehendi had legit hand painted tin trunks as centre tables! And look how pretty…

persian themed mehendi trunks decor

Not just this, they had hand painted oil drums for cocktail tables, and we can’t even…

persian themed mehendi oil tin painted

Keeping in mind a Persian set-up, the decorators installed a Hamsa (a middle-eastern mythological and spiritual symbol) which was made out of actual wooden printing blocks. Yes, it was! Look…

persian themed mehendi hamsa decor

There were many other beautiful decor items like painted kettles, pretty flower arrangements on the entrance, a decorated cycle rickshaw, a mirrored circular bar with hanging wisterias and foliage swings that added gorgeousness to the decor.

persian themed mehendi entrace decor

persian themed mehendi decorated rickshaw

persian themed mehendi bar decor floral

Painted kettles anybody? Get this super cute hand painted one on Amazon for Rs 950.

The bride and the groom had a very beautiful crown seating arrangement personalized for them. It was adorned with thousands of flowers, but the best part was the floral chandelier that added a glamorous touch to the setting.

persian themed mehendi bride groom crown seating

Apart from the decor, there were other things that made this ceremony a big hit. There was  beer pong, carrom, balloon shooting, uno and ring toss too!

persian themed mehendi beer pong

In the mood to play some Uno yourself, eh? Get it here on Amazon for just Rs 149!

And that was not all… A lac bangle maker adorned every woman’s hands with pretty trinkets, which must have been such a treat! As giveaways, they had gota bangles, ghunghroo bracelets and maangtikas.

persian themed mehendi lac bangles

Even we wanted pretty ghunghroo bracelets after seeing this, so we found these gorgeous ones on Amazon for just Rs 169!

There was chakna served on regular intervals (how awesome!) while the guests enjoyed special sheeshas brought in from Persia and Egypt. Now, that is something!

persian themed mehendi sheesha

persian themed mehendi venue services

There even were special arrangements for guests to indulge and pamper themselves with rejuvenating foot spas among many other things.

Pamper yourself with a DIY foot spa with this VLCC manicure and pedicure kit. It’s available on Amazon for Rs 125.

This was indeed a very unique and fun-looking mehendi ceremony which the guests will surely reminisce for a very long time.

28 Sep 2017

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