7 PDA Gestures Guys Actually Like!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016
7 PDA Gestures Guys Actually Like!


Guys can be very into PDA – yes, you read that right! There are just certain moves and places that he wants! We’re here to tell you what they are – so read on to find out when, where, what and how to engage in some light PDA with your partner without making him shy away!

1. Locking Arms, Not Lips

Most guys shy away from kissing in public, but many embrace the idea of being embraced by their girl! Whether you’re just walking down the road or along with friends, locking arms with your guy can actually send him a positive message. That you want to be seen with him, are proud to be with him etc.

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2.The Hand Squeeze

This is an affirmative gesture that guys actually value. Let’s say you’re about to introduce him to your parents or he is about to sit down to dinner with some colleagues. By squeezing his hand gently before this sort of a situation you are letting your guy know that you are right there alongside him and are supportive of him. It will help him to calm his anxiety without getting into the emotional realm of things!

3. Sweet Nothings

PDA doesn’t just have to refer to the physical. One method of PDA that has proven most effective and receptive to even the most shy guys is whispering. Whether you whisper something casual to him like, “I’m so happy to be here with you!” or something naughty that you’re thinking about for later, you are allowing yourselves to engage on a private and more intimate level! Plus the ear is actually an erogenous zone – so double yay!

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4.The Graze

Rather than draping yourself all over your guy, engage in gentle and playful gestures. For example, running your nails over his forearm or grazing his hands with yours while you to walk side by side are displays that will be enjoyed by your partner without feeling like too much. They are playful enough for him to be reassured that you are enjoying his company, but not overwhelming.

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5. Lower Back

Touching the small of his back firmly can send him a supportive and reassuring message. This works well in situations where you want to be able to comfort your partner but getting overly close to him may be in poor taste – like in front of his cousins or something! This brisk embrace of his body will help him to stand tall, and although it should be brief, it sends a strong signal to your partner that he is not alone.

5 - pda gestures guys like

6. His Buns!

This one may come as a surprise but guys enjoy the very occasional ass grab or pat! Why? It lets them know that you are in the mood in the most subtle way without having to say a thing!

7. All Of Me!

Leaning in to him when you two are out on date night – let’s say at a bar – lets him know that you are ready to be with him on a one-on-one basis! Pressing your body up against his while he is ordering drinks or lightly grazing his hands or ears will send strong signals to him that you can’t wait to be home with him later tonight – be gentle about this, though, and don’t let it feel uncomfortable for either of you! This works best when it’s just the two of you in a public place rather than with friends.

PDA gestures guys like

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