Show Your Nails Some Love: 6 OTT Manicure Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Date

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Feb 9, 2021
Show Your Nails Some Love: 6 OTT Manicure Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day Date


It’s the season of love and I for one celebrate the hell out of it. I’m talking sappy cards, mushy memes, heart emojis in texts, and even roses–my Valentine’s day is as OTT as it gets. From my boyfriend to my friends and mother, everyone gets a heavy dose of the love drug from me. So, if I’m this extra, why should my nails be basic?

Here Are 6 OTT Nail Art Designs That Will Take The Mush To A Whole Other Level

Lovestruck, Much?

For those of you who are into bright colours, this fuchsia nail design is the one you should pick. It’s bold and vivid and the tiny glitter hearts make all the difference. Screenshot this idea and book a mani appointment, STAT!

Bedazzled Beauty

Okay, this is not for the faint-hearted. When you can’t pick which direction to go in for your V-day manicure, get ’em all done. Here there’s glitter, there’s bedazzles there’s an XOXO design and there are even rhinestones. If extra is your middle name, this nail art is the one your should pick for your date night.

All My Loving

If you aren’t afraid to try something hatke, then this nail art design is totes your vibe. It’s got heart-shaped accessories coming out of it and the red is as eye-catching as it can be. We hope it doesn’t get stuck in odd places though when you’re looking to have some Valentine’s day fun with boo!

Mush Level Max

Sometimes you’ve just got to spell out the love to remind you that it’s there. This nail art design is shiny and happy and every time you look down at it you’ll remember to open yourself up to love, affection and adoration.

Think Pink

NGL, I’m thinking of getting these done myself. They’re cute as hell and look great. If you want something different this 14th Feb, then try out this ombre heart nail art design, it looks adorable!

Shower Some Love

If you and your boo are each other’s yin and yang then this is the nail art design you should pick. It’s got cute little hearts and the red and pink look great together. Wear a comfy jumper for your candlelight date at home and these will really go with your ensemble.

Which one is your V-Day pick?

Featured Image: Instagram