This Valentine's Day, Wear Your Heart On Your Nails In The Most Non- Cheesy Way Possible!

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Valentine's Day might officially be the mushiest day of the year for couples but whether or you're dating someone or not, it is also a great excuse for you to indulge in some fun nail art! No, we don't mean the cheesy 'xoxo' kind, unless that's what you're into, this year we stan wearing our hearts on our nails, in a totally non-cheesy way. There are so many creative ways to work in some tiny hearts into your manicures, from easy enough DIYs to some professional-level art you will definitely want to bookmark these for your next mani session! 

Heart Manicures That Totally Have Us Falling In Love

Metallic hearts

These metallic foil nails are nothing short of cool. With iridescent colours outlined with black polish, this manicure is both artsy and fun! To recreate it, arm yourself with a stippling brush and a chrome finish polish and get painting.



INR 290 AT MyGlamm

Purple and nude ombre hearts

This cutesy design is super easy to achieve. All you need are two different coloured polishes, a sponge and a very thin brush. Simply try this tutorial for an ombre base and then go draw on a heart as an accent on alternate nails (or the finger of your choice).


Berry Wine Super Thin Nail Art Liner Brushes Tools Set Kit

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Glitter hearts

We promised no cheesy red hearts but this take on the trend is just so fresh! The glittery transparent base adds a flirty touch to the otherwise simple manicure. To get the look, just coat your nails with a nude polish and then add a silver or gold glittery lacquer. Then, add some heart decals or if you're feeling particularly artsy, try painting them on yourself. 


Nail Art Decorations Heart Shape Stencil


Smiley hearts

How quirky and cute is this nail art design? It does make our hearts smile! To recreate this design at home, you will need pigmented white polish, a thin brush, some patience, and a very steady hand. 


Splash Nail Enamel White O White

INR 109 AT Faces Canada

A hearty mix

You don't have to go OTT to partake in this seasonal manicure style and this geometric-meets-hearts design is proof that less is more. Mix up a nude base with little squiggles here, dots there, and pepper it with some hearts. Low-maintenance and DIY-friendly design alert!


Lotus Herbals Crimson Red Nail Polish 912

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Dainty animal print

If all of the above designs don't do it for you, this animal print-meets-french manicure-meets-heart-shaped tips will! The rounded edges of the nail give you an indication of the heart shape without making it glaringly obvious! Use a glossy top coat every three days to refresh your mani and keep it from chipping.


Top Coat

INR 850 AT O.P.I

Loved these Valentine's Day non-cheesy manicure styles? Tell us which one was your favourite!

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