Get Artistic With Your Valentine’s Day Make-Up!

Get Artistic With Your Valentine’s Day Make-Up!

The most interesting side of art is that it can be as personalised. Make-up artists of Instagram are well-aware of the power that social media gives them, and leave no stone unturned in expressing themselves through make-up, manicures and hairstyles. While some trends may make you cringe, somebody else might pursue them as a coming-of-age look (remember selfie nails?).

Having said that, there’s a new nail art trend that’s driving the internet. Posted by Park Eunkyung, Yoon Sun Young and then, reposted by make-up artist Johnson Scklimann, the trend looks perfect-to-flaunt for Valentine’s day.


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The video by Scklimann shows the process of manicure and it’s detailed enough to help you get the look. It’s not just the polish that you apply to your nails, there are more layers to this one. It requires cutting and shaping of a set of acrylic nails into a heart shape to be glued onto the natural nails, which you’ll paint later. To be honest, not everyone is happy with the process. While some commented, “I was thinking for the wedding when I saw them tbf 🤷🏼‍♀️” and, “Yay! Do the hearts red,” many were not convinced, saying, “Pretty but way weird. Nay” and, “imagine trying to do shit with these things on.” Some also suggested that the acrylic nails could have been placed the other way around so they look less controversial and would have been easier to wear.

Although that could have been a possibility, the nail art looks quite attractive as it is. Honestly, gone are the days when Valentine’s day was just about a boyfriend or one type of love, we now celebrate all kinds of love and this nail art sort of pushes you towards self-love. You’ll have fun creating the look and it’s colourful!

And while we are at it, you can also try Valentine’s day eye make-up. However, it’s not easy to pull this one off but why stop exploring!