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Hair And There: 5 Annoying Hair Oiling Hassles And How You Can Deal With Them!

Hair And There: 5 Annoying Hair Oiling Hassles And How You Can Deal With Them!

Winters call for long and comforting champi sessions. The feel of warm oil on your scalp relaxes you instantly, doesn’t it? A head massage adds some much-needed hydration and shine to your dry mane, but that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and unicorns. From sudden acne to excess hairfall, there are a few oiling hassles all of us have dealt with. We bet you’ll be able to relate to these annoying hassles.

1. The Time Acne Makes A Comeback!

1 oiling hassles - girl crying forehead acne

It’s normal for the oil to slowly drip on your forehead after a champi session. You’re thinking about how gorgeous your hair is going to look the next day, but end up with acne all over your forehead!

Combat it: Do your champi then wrap your head up in a shower cap and make sure to cleanse your face AFTER.

2. When You Have More Grease On Your Pillowcase

2 oiling hassles - woman facepalming

If you decide to sleep with greasy hair, your pillowcase is going to be sorry, ladies!

Combat it: Oil stains are the hardest to get rid of and we suggest you cover the pillowcase with an old cloth. It works!

3. Nights You Just Can’t Step Out!

3 oiling hassles - girl rolling eyes irritated

Your friend wants to hang out the very day you’re chilling at home after a good oil massage, sipping coffee and reading a book. Not to mention, your hair stinks of the pure oil you just used for your champi. Sucks, right? Unfortunately, you can’t step out with braided oily hair so you end up cancelling all plans. #Priorities

Combat it: Check out easy hairstyles that look fab on greasy hair. No more house arrest!

4. That Time When Champi Causes Hairfall

4 oiling hassles - excess hair fall

You oil your hair so that it feels smooth and shiny. But a vigorous scalp massage can sometimes cause excess hairfall, right? Some of us experience even more hair fall while oiling than otherwise. We get it, it’s a pain! *cries from within*

Combat it: Detangle hair before and after, ladies! Make sure you use a mild oil and if the problem persists speak to a dermatologist.

5. The Feeling When You Wash And Re-Wash Your Hair

5 oiling hassles - use extra shampoo

How many times have you been able to get rid of oil in just one wash? Never! I have short hair and still, I need at least two washes to get all the grease out of my hair. And if your mane is already greasy and needs at least 2-3 washes in a week. To be honest, I feel bad for the amount I spend on shampoo, ladies!

Combat it: Rinse your hair thoroughly with water for about 5 mins in order to loosen the oil from your man. You can then use a clarifying shampoo.

Any other struggles we should have addressed? Tell us below!

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13 Nov 2017

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