The 10 Mantras Of Oiling Your Hair - Gorgeous Locks Always! | POPxo
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Home > Beauty > Hair Care > Hair Oil
The 10 Mantras Of Oiling Your Hair - Gorgeous Locks Always!

The 10 Mantras Of Oiling Your Hair - Gorgeous Locks Always!

Every Indian girl worth her rajma-chawal swears by oiling her hair for thick, long, gorgeous locks! But are you doing it correctly? We give you 9 mantras of oiling hair that you must keep in mind before your next champi session!

1. Lukewarm oil for luxurious hair

1 hair oiling tips A lot of people use hair oil straight from the bottle onto their hair. Instead of doing that, always heat the oil till it is lukewarm and then apply it on your hair. Lukewarm oil helps stimulate your hair follicles, which in turn means better, longer, more luxurious hair!

2. Tangled tresses are a no no!

Before you begin oiling your hair, run a comb through it to detangle it. After oiling, make sure you don’t tie or twist your hair tightly as that can tangle it. Instead, gently comb it again with a wide-toothed comb and use a clutch to keep it off your face. Tangled hair will lead to damaged ends and hair fall.

3. Don’t pour…

3 hair oiling tips Part your hair and massage the oil in. Instead of pouring the oil all over your hair and scalp, use your hands to make a parting in your hair and pour a small amount of oil there. Repeat this all over the scalp and massage gently. Also read: Champi?! Yes, This Is How Oiling Your Hair Can Transform It!

4. Don’t use TOO much oil

We know that dry hair often seems to drink oil up, but don’t make the mistake of using too much oil on your hair. Excessive oil just means more shampoo while washing it off, which can cause more dryness. Use an adequate amount of oil on your scalp and spread it through your hair with your fingers.

5. Don’t rub with your palms

5 hair oiling tips This is a mistake that many of us have learnt from our grandmothers! Don’t rub your palms all over your scalp by way of massaging it. Use your fingers instead. Rubbing vigorously with your palms can cause hair breakage and weakening, so it is best to avoid that.

6. Massage for 10-15 minutes

You should not massage your hair for too long as that can weaken the hair strands. Most of the times, a good 10 to 15 minutes of massaging is perfect!

7. Steaming = stunning hair!

7 hair oiling tips After oiling your hair, make sure you lock the moisture in by steaming it. Use a hot towel to wrap your hair in and let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure the towel is not too hot either, as that can damage your hair shaft. The benefits of oiling your hair will multiply manifold with this simple trick! Also read: Why Argan Oil Is The ONE Secret Ingredient For Gorgeous Hair!

8. Sleep it in

The longer the oil stays on your scalp the better it is - within reason of course! So if you can, oil your hair before you go off to sleep and let it stay overnight. Don’t let it stay on for more than 24 hours though, as that could make your hair grimy.

9. Choose the right kind of oil

9 hair oiling tips You must choose the right kind of oil to suit your hair type and need. Some people swear by coconut oil for their hair, while others prefer olive oil. Jojoba oil, though slightly more expensive, is also another very popular option for conditioning and nourishing dry hair. Olive oil works better to moisturize dry ends rather than for scalp massages. You need to choose the right kind of oil for your hair and purpose!

10. Don’t be irregular with oiling!

Oiling once in two months will not benefit your hair in any way. If you are oiling, make sure you do so at least once a week to see visible results. So don’t be lazy about this, girls!
Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jul 12, 2016
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