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Nick Jonas Reveals Why He Fell For Priyanka Chopra!

Nick Jonas Reveals Why He Fell For Priyanka Chopra!

There were a lot of speculations about Priyanka Chopra’s relationship with Nick Jonas initially but the couple didn’t let all that affect their relationship at all. In fact, the duo got engaged in Mumbai last month in a traditional Hindu ceremony with only the closest family and friends present. Rumour has it that the couple might tie the knot in October this year in Los Angeles.

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However, the couple haven’t spoken much about their relationship and mutual admiration for each other in public. They just keep sharing adorable pictures on their Instagram and that says it all. But of late, Nick Jonas has been quite open about his feelings for Priyanka.

In a recent interview with a leading international news channel, Nick was asked what made him realise that Priyanka was the one for him. To which he shares:

“So many things… I can go on and get all mushy but the thing that really connected both of us is our love for family and faith and importance of being connected to those who are always going to be with you. And we found that in each other as well, which is a beautiful thing and I am excited to start our lives together.” 

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In his earlier interview, Nick explained how they didn’t fall in love with each other immediately when they met at Met Gala in 2017. And it was nothing as speculated by the media. Instead, it took them months to realise what they feel for each other. 

For those who don’t know, Nick and PC met through a common friend, and it started with casual texting. To your surprise, they didn’t even meet before Met Gala. In fact, Nick also said, “Our lives were kind of taking us in different places”. 

“People would ask us, in interview settings and in private, ‘Are you guys seeing each other?’ And the answer was no. People thought we were being coy, and so did we, until we cut to, now we’re engaged, so the story sort of wrote itself. We then met up a couple of months ago, five months ago now, and it was kind of immediate. We just knew it was right and jumped right in.”

We guess that’s how unpredictable love is. 

On his roka ceremony in Mumbai, Nick said, “It’s a lot of love. We had a beautiful time, we went to India and did a beautiful roka ceremony. It sort of combined the two families, her side and my side.”

More love to Priyanka and Nick! Cheers!

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19 Sep 2018

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