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New Year, New You: the 7 Best Fitness Apps to Download Now

New Year, New You: the 7 Best Fitness Apps to Download Now

You don’t need to be a gym rat to be fit, all you need is your trusty phone. This new year, we’ve rounded up a list of really useful fitness apps that will actually help you stick to those New Year resolutions you’ve made. And just so you know – they’re FREE! These apps are not ones you would promptly download and then forget – they’re really fun, easy to use and pretty darn helpful. So, swipe, download and begin your fitness journey!



Working out was never as fun since Fitocracy turns it into a cool game. Get ready to earn points as you exercise, unlock achievements and overcome quests while eliminating laziness.

We love it because it brings a healthy dose of competition and prevents you from slacking off. It also introduces you to a community of Fitocrats who inspire you in 2014.

Get It Here.



Exercise your way to those fab new shoes you’ve been eyeing. Yes, you heard us right. GymPact allows you to set the stakes by pledging to work out a certain amount each day and promising to pay those pact members if you fail to do so. It works in 75 countries across the world. Check in and out of the gym, track your home and outdoor activities and get a sweet, sweet reward for sticking to your word.

We love it because there isn’t a bigger motivator than the promise of a shopping spree at the end of  your workout!

Get It Here.




Get off the treadmill and go get some fresh air. With this app that uses GPS to track your runs, jogs, walks and more with detailed stats on your pace, distance, heart rate, etc, you are on the best path to fitness. Also, listen to some pumping tracks and control your playlist as you get fitter on the app. It even gives you progress details and coaches you with audio cues. You don’t need that gossip-buddy on the morning run anymore when you have Runkeeper to get you in shape.

We love it because it notifies you when you beat your personal records and helps you reach specific goals by following detailed plans. No ambiguity there!

Get It Here. 


daily yoga

Daily Yoga

If you’ve always wanted to give yoga a try but never got around to it, download it now. You get to choose sessions of varying durations and difficulty levels with step-by-step videos marked by a soothing voice guide. Feel those muscles loosen up  as you can freely go over 200 poses that come with detailed instructions.

We love it because it’s the perfect way to relax from the comfort of your home after a long day. It comes with a calming soundtrack to help those worries slip away as you get healthier.

Get It Here. 



7 Minute Workout

Remember this? We wrote about it last year! This scientific 7-minute workout is ideal for someone who has a crazy busy  lifestyle and doesn’t get time to hit the gym. All you need is a wall, a chair and 7 minutes. Try these 30 second high-intensity exercises with a 10 second rest in between to get in shape in record time. It really gets you sweating and comes with a voice prompter, videos and descriptions of each exercise. It also comes with countdown timers so you don’t need to strain your neck to look at your phone in between exercises.

We love it because you can have a crazy work schedule but still be fit. The perfect lazy girl’s guide to getting in shape in no time.

Get It Here.



Whether you’re on a weight-loss spree or just trying to be healthy, My Fitness Pal will be your new best friend this year. It’s so good, it was a shocker when we heard it’s available for free! Great for the mathematically-challenged, it counts calories of your daily intake and provides you with a nutritional analysis of what you eat. Based on your personal goals, it chalks up a meal plan for you along with exercises that will be customised for you.

We love it because it has the largest food database and calorie counter compared to any other mobile app and encourages you to eat healthy for a better lifestyle.

Get It Here. 


Nike training clubNike Training Club

If you’re serious about pop culture and a healthy work out plan – then this free app by Nike will help you get leaner, stronger and more toned. It’s loaded with custom-built, full-body workouts by professional athletes, celebrities and famous personal trainers. Looking to trim the flab on your tummy? You can try workouts by Rihanna’s personal trainer, Ary Nunez for the flattest abs in the business.

We love it because you get to choose a workout that suits your goal and set it to the music of your choice with audio guidance that keeps you motivated through it all.

Buy It Here.

06 May 2016

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