11 *New* Relationship Practices To Make 2017 Your BEST Year Yet

Tanaya SethTanaya Seth  |  Dec 20, 2016
11 *New* Relationship Practices To Make 2017 Your BEST Year Yet


2017 is almost here and to make your relationship with your partner even more romantic, beautiful and strong, we have a few new relationship practices every couple should incorporate into their lives, this new year. We are sure that doing these little things is going to make 2017 a happy year for you both as a couple!

1. Let the old issues go

Give your relationship a makeover and forget everything that went wrong in the past few years. Start the new year on a positive note and let go off all the old grudges. To forgive and forget is an ideal habit every couple should practice.

1 new relationship practices

2. Go off the gadgets

In today’s time, all of us are so engrossed and occupied on our smartphones that we forget to spend time with each other. So give the gadgets a break and focus on spending time with each other! Never make each other feel second best to a smartphone.

3. Give compliments to each other

As time passes by in a relationship, a couple usually forgets to compliment each other. Make sure you both appreciate each other for every small and big thing and make each other feel special.

3 new relationship practices

4. Stay healthy

This is an essential practice every couple should start in 2017. Promise each other to exercise and stay fit together. Sign up for a couples membership at your nearest gym if that’s what it takes – do it to for your partner’s well-being, if not your own!

5. Talk to each other

Communication is the key to success in any relationship. Communicate with each other and express your emotions openly and freely. Do not hide anything from each other and ensure to have heart-to-heart talks as often as you can.

5 new relationship practices

6. Diffuse situations

It is natural for one to say things which should not be said when they are angry. As a couple, you both must try to learn to diffuse situations and not make a big deal out of the small things. Instead of both of you losing your cool and screaming and shouting at each other, it is better if you stay calm and try to diffuse the situation rather than making it bigger.

7. Try something new together

Ditch the traditional old clichéd things you both have been doing together all this while. Try out a new activity or learn a new skill together. Keep exploring, it’ll make you grow together!

7 new relationship practices

8. Break a bad habit together

Breaking a bad habit together would make your relationship stronger and would bring you both closer to each other. If you both are procrastinators, promise each other to break that habit. There is no better support than having the one you love the most, right beside you when you plan to leave a bad habit behind!

9. Laugh together

Have pillow fights. Talk in funny voices. Give each other funny names. Tickle each other. In short, just have fun with each other and laugh together till your stomach hurts.

9 new relationship practices

10. Do a noble activity together

The greatest joy is the joy of giving. Visit an orphanage and donate your old clothes and together, bring a smile on somebody else’s face. Trust us, you both would feel so happy doing this together.

11. Love each other

Don’t miss an opportunity to let each other know how much you love them and how special they are to you. Keep the romance alive and celebrate each day like it’s the first day you fell in love!

11 new relationship practices

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